New Colour Klaxon: Introducing Moss

This Green Friday we’re really excited to be launching our brand new colour: Moss. Available in 100% linen bedding, it’s a natural, grey-toned, mid-green that is perfect for layering.

Following the success of Ink, which launched in early 2020 (and quickly became our bestselling colour) we decided to bring forward plans for another darker shade, Moss.

Linen in Moss | Bedfolk
Linen in Moss

Getting the green tone right was one of our product teams biggest colour challenges to date - green can go very wrong in textiles! We rejected lab dips for being too bold, too jewel-toned, too mint-y, too turquoise – colours that weren’t gentle or natural enough for layering. When we finally saw the lab dips for mellow Moss, we fell in love. And when we did the photoshoot, we fell even deeper in love.

Moss on Moss looks beautiful (can you ever get enough green?), but it also works perfectly for layering. Here's Moss being layered up to perfection with Rose Linen & The Linen & Cotton Throw in Rose. 

Linen in Moss & Rose
Linen in Moss & Rose - we're obsessed.

We hope you love the new addition to our core collection! We’ve got more colours in development for 2021 at the moment, which we can’t wait to share with you. As always, if you’ve got any thoughts of requests do get in touch - we love hearing from you. 

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