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Article: The Wind Down With Tash and Sam Bradley

The Wind Down With Tash and Sam Bradley

The Wind Down With Tash and Sam Bradley

Once upon a time, decorating your house was a complicated and chaotic process, overshadowed by repetitive trips to your local DIY shop, messy sample pots and a patchwork quilt of not-quite-right paint colours on the wall.

Cue Lick Home – the online decorating brand simplifying the art of revamping your home and making it into a calm and relaxing haven to wind down in.

With our shared love for soothing shades, we were excited when Lick co-founder Sam and his partner Lick Head Colour Specialist and Colour Curator Tash, welcomed us (virtually) into their London home. We found out more about their interior style, winding down routines and who is the biggest homebody.

Tash and Sam Bradley at their home in London

Do you enjoy bringing your work into your home?

We’re very fortunate that we both live and breathe what we do – so we don’t mind bringing our work home with us. We are also in a rare position where our work literally impacts our home environment too… So far, we’ve decorated every part of our little flat in Lick paints to test out colours.

That being said, we’re careful to carve out some non-work time where we shut our laptops and put down the paint brushes. In the environment we all find ourselves in at the moment, it’s all too easy to blur the lines between work and home.

How would you describe your home style?

Our home has an eclectic style. Although seemingly random, we’ve chosen carefully selected pieces that have lots of meaning to us personally. We went for a balanced colour palette so our space feels homely and welcoming to friends and family (pre-covid of course).

We have tried to use a rich mixture of different textures and patterns, and a combination of old and new to create a bold and lived-in feel. Facebook Marketplace and eBay have been the best sources of vintage and second-hand furniture when decking out our first home on a budget.   

What colour do you have on your bedroom walls and why?

We choose Lick Pink 01 for our bedroom as it's the perfect neutral (and it makes you feel like someone is giving you a cuddle). It's so delicate and warm that we instantly feel relaxed when we get into bed and it’s perfect for helping us to drift off at the end of a long and busy day.

The soft hue helps to draw in the light from outside, and at night, it looks incredible with a soft warm lamp too.

Tash Sam Bradley Lick Bedfolk Linen Snow White

What feeling does your home give you when you walk through your front door? 

We wanted to inject a little fun and excitement into the hallway so we’ve decorated it in a bold jungle wallpaper and Lick Green 09 on all the woodwork. Now, when we open the front door it instantly makes us smile.

We’ve very much tried to create a home for us to match our style and both of our personalities. It has a mixture of treasures and trinkets that all have a story. It may be a small studio flat, but we love every inch and it truly is our happy place!

Sam Tash Bradley Lick Home

Any tips on turning your bedroom in a calm and relaxing haven?

If you’re wanting to create a calming feeling in your bedroom then the perfect colours would be soft blues, greens and light pinks.

Blue has a positive effect on the body and mind as this hue reflects the colour of the sky and ocean. A light blue helps to relax the body and prepares us for sleep. If you paint your ceiling in a dark blue this will cause the body to produce a chemical that is calming and gives you a feeling of tranquillity. 

Green is one of the most restful colours for your eyes and is known to make you feel refreshed and closer to nature.

A soft pink will help you to relax as it's a physically soothing colour. It pairs beautifully with our white linen (Tash and Sam sleep in Linen in Snow). 

Bedfolk Linen Snow
Bedfolk's Linen in Snow on Tash & Sam's bed

How do you relax and step away from the office? 

We’re not afraid to admit that we’re 30 going on 70. We enjoy hiking, golf and cooking shows.

How do you like to unwind before bed?

Whilst we always have the best intentions to meditate, read a book and do yoga, the reality is we tend to watch Netflix in bed. Or we flick through Instagram to find a recipe for us to make that coming weekend (if you haven’t subscribed to Just a Dash by Matty Matheson…then you need to RIGHT NOW).

What’s your favourite way to start the day?

Without realising, we’ve developed a bit of a routine where every morning we’ll wake up and spend the first 30 mins or so in bed having a cup of tea, whilst Sam will read me the news so I can pretend to be up to date with the latest world events. 

Lie-In List 

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