Green Friday: Growing Trees, Not Discounts

The story usually goes like this: you need bedding, you want bedding, but you hold out on taking the plunge because the lure of those Black Friday Discounts are just too strong. Then the day comes and all that’s on offer are the sizes that don’t fit your bed and the colours that don’t match your walls (who wants hot coral sheets anyway?).

Fair Prices All Year Round

Those sheets that are 25% off in the sale – it’s our belief that they’re overpriced for the rest of the year. Kind of like those 330 day a year offers that you see in your local supermarket. Not cool, and kidding no-one.
At Bedfolk we refuse to over-inflate our prices to account for flash sales because we believe in keeping our margins low all year round. Which means you can always buy our luxury bedding at an attainable price – and become bed-folk when it works for you.

Growing Trees, Not Discounts

We don’t believe in sales, but we do believe in minimising our ecological footprint. So this week, rather than taking part in Black Friday (or Cyber Monday, or what-ever-it’s-called Tuesday), we’ll be taking a stand and planting trees instead. Black Friday just went Green.

Green Friday: How It Works

For every bedding bundle (which includes a duvet cover and pillowcase pair) that we sell between Monday 25th – Monday 2nd December we’ll be planting a tree - in the UK - in partnership with our chosen environmental charity. For full transparency, this costs us around £6 per tree. One bundle equals one planted tree, regardless of whether the bundle is returned under our 60-night sleep trial.

Why We're Planting Trees

As well as championing the ‘buy once, buy well’ mentality, we’re always looking for ways to reduce the ecological impact of making and selling our cotton bedding, including minimising the air miles in our supply chain (all our bedding is made in Portugal), cutting out all the plastic in our packaging, and delivering with DPD (who run a carbon neutral delivery service).
Now we’re going one step further by looking to offset (as well as reduce) our use of the world’s limited ecological resources. It’s only for a week to begin with, but all being well we’ll be looking to roll out this programme (or something similar) in future.

Enjoy a Great Night’s Sleep Whilst Feeling Good

You can shop confidently from Bedfolk all year round knowing you’re getting the highest quality products, at the lowest possible prices, and that we’re doing our fullest to minimise our impact on the world.