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Better Quality

When it comes to making our sheets, there’s three in the bed: us at Bedfolk, the finest calibre cotton in the business, and the expert makers from our mill in northern Portugal, which (and we’re not exaggerating) is the best in the world.


direct to you

Better Prices

You know that middleman who handles your bedding? Of course you wouldn’t because he’s invisible, but he’s there – hiking up prices and making the most of margins.

We hunted him down and cut him out (don’t worry – it was a peaceful process), partnering directly with the world’s best mill to bring you premium quality at attainable prices, year round.


three unique styles

Bedding, Simplified

We took one look at traditional bedding retailers who sell on a tangle of marketing clichés and thought things could be a whole lot simpler.

So we’ve worked to create three distinct styles of 100% cotton bedding – Relaxed, Classic and Luxe – to give you not all the choice but the choice. All bed-folk have to do is show up and wind down.