Nick & Jo Bedfolk Founders

Hi, we’re Nick & Jo; a pair of certified homebodies
and founders of Bedfolk. 

Back in 2013, when we were shopping for our first home together, we found ourselves standing in the bed & bath section of a department store bewildered by the huge selection of plastic-wrapped products in front of us. It was a confusing and uncomfortably expensive experience and it left us wondering... Shouldn’t shopping for soft and comfy things make you feel – er – comfortable, rather than overwhelmed by choice? 

So, we set out to design a curated collection of wind down essentials that set a new standard for comfort. It’s a journey that took us around Europe*, seeking out the finest natural materials and the most skilled of makers(so you can rest easy knowing we’re obsessed with every detail and partner with only the best).From buttery-soft bedding crafted in Portugal and cloud-like duvets & pillows plumped to perfection in Scotland, to impossibly soft towels and robes woven in Turkey. The secret to our ridiculously comfortable essentials is this: every luxurious feel is thanks to our mills and makers, who (and we’re not exaggerating here) are the best in the world.

There’s no rulebook for comfort; no one way to wind down. It could be sinking into an armchair with a glass of rouge and The Linen & Cotton Throw. Perhaps it’s an afternoon nap in buttery-soft sheets that lasts until dinner. Or maybe it’s running a bubble bath and wrapping up in The Plush Robe afterwards. However you like to switch off, we’ve got the comfort essentials to help you really Wind Down Well.

*our honeymoon, we love Bedfolk that much.