Take it easy. We've simplified things.

We believe shopping for bedding should be easy, so we've done the hard work, offering you a curated collection of only the best. All of our bedding is made from the same finest quality long staple cotton, at the same price. You simply choose your preferred aesthetic and hand feel.

So are you Relaxed, Classic or Luxe?

RelaxedSoftest bedding, Relaxed washed cotton by Bedfolk

Effortlessly 'undone', for fans of the crumpled and understated. 

Relaxed is a percale (one-over-one-under) weave, garment washed for an extra dose of softness. It's the ultimate in comfort bedding; super-soft, light and breathable.

And the best part? Relaxed looks better un-ironed. All the more time for sleeping.

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ClassicPercale cotton pillowcases, Classic bedding by Bedfolk

This is the bedding you find in boutique hotels; that perfectly smooth cotton that has the feel of a crisp white shirt. 

Relaxed is a traditional percale (one-over-one-under) weave, with a super-soft matte finish.

Perfect for hot sleepers, Classic is breathable, cool and airy.

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LuxeLuxury sateen pillowcases, Luxe bedding by Bedfolk

Buttery soft, Luxe has a similar hand feel to silk, without being as delicate. 

This bedding is super-smooth, with a subtle sheen that mellows beautifully after washing.

A sateen (three-over-one-under) weave, Luxe has a warmer hand feel, so is perfect for cooler sleepers.

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