Are you Relaxed, Classic or Luxe?

All of our natural bedding is made from the finest quality long staple cotton, woven ethically in the world's best mills. We've simplified things by designing the only three styles you need.

Softest Bedding | Relaxed Cotton Bedding | BEDFOLK


Laid back look of linen, softness and breathability of cotton. The ultimate comfort bedding; ultra soft, comfortable and airy.

Best of all? Relaxed looks and feels better when effortlessly crumpled. Less time ironing, more time sleeping.


Luxury Percale Cotton Bedding | Classic by BEDFOLK

The bedding of boutique hotels; perfectly cool cotton that is soft and breathable.

This isn't your average percale weave - we've developed a refined, super-smooth finish.


Luxury Sateen Bedding | Luxe by BEDFOLK


The ultimate in luxury, this bedding feels super smooth and silky against the skin.

Luxe has a subtle sheen and a slightly heavier drape, making it warmer to the touch.