To keep your bedding essentials at their very best, follow our easy care tips.

1. Wash

Just pop your bedding (or Quilt / Throw) into the machine on a normal cycle in warm water (we'd recommend a gentle 40 degree cycle). Wash bedding inside out, and separately from your other laundry, using a small amount of mild liquid detergent (less than the manufacturer recommends) to keep it at it's absolute best.

If you’ve layered up different Bedfolk colours (love what you’re doing there…) wash each colour separately. We’d also advise washing cotton and linen separately.

2. Dry

100% Cotton Bedding & Cotton Quilts

If it happens to be a sunny day and you have a laundry line, then drying your cotton sheets or cotton quilt naturally is ideal! If this isn't possible (and let's be honest, it rarely is), then drying flat or over a drying rack is the next best thing.

If tumbling, do so separately on a low heat (excessive heat can damage the threads, causing them to lose their softness and reducing their lifespan).

However you dry your bedding, it’s best to keep them inside out until they are ready to go back onto the bed.

100% Linen Bedding & Throws

Linen is at its absolute cloud-like best un-ironed, after a gentle tumble, but if you prefer a slightly crisper hand feel, you can line dry or dry over a rack.

However you dry it, your linen will continue to soften with every wash and as you sleep in it.


3. Iron (or not!)

You can iron or steam to remove wrinkles, or just let your bedding be. 

If you would prefer to be sleeping than ironing, line drying / drying flat will minimise wrinkles. If tumbling, just remove your bedding from the dryer whilst the slightest bit damp, and put directly onto your bed to finish drying flat, smoothing out wrinkles with your hands. Our Relaxed Cotton Bedding, Linen Bedding and Cotton Quilts are at their best un-ironed.

If you want to experience our Classic Cotton Bedding and Luxe Cotton Bedding at it's very best, give it a quick iron. Our Luxe Cotton Bedding is a sateen weave, with a gentle sheen that mellows beautifully after washing. If you want to restore the sheen, simply iron to smooth the fibres. 

To make ironing as easy as possible, we recommend removing from the dryer whilst slightly damp, and ironing straight away. For added ease and speed, fold your bedding and iron over several layers at a time. It’s always best to iron your sheets inside out to avoid any potential heat damage.

4. Store

Keep your bedding essentials away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing in plastic - we recommend using breathable natural storage bags (if you’ve ordered a Bedding Bundle, your Bedfolk bag is perfect for this!)

5. TLC

Love your bedding and it'll love you back. As with all 100% cotton / linen products, when you are using your bedding or quilt, avoid products containing benzoyl peroxide, chlorine bleach and alpha hydroxy acids because these may cause discolouration. Because that’s a bit jargon-y, let’s break down where these are typically found:

Benzoyl peroxide = typically found in acne medications / antiseptic gels.
Chlorine bleach = found in typical household bleaches, it strips colour from fabrics.
Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA’s) = typically found in exfoliating skincare products, most commonly glycolic acid and lactic acid.


Sleep well.