Shop For Bedding Like A Pro

We’ve busted the Thread Count Myth. So let’s break down what really matters when shopping for bedding:


1. Quality, not quantity. 

What really matters, above a basic level of thread count to give the fabric a tight weave, is the quality of the yarn as opposed to the quantity of the threads. Cotton, being a natural fibre, comes in many lengths. Always look for ‘long staple’ cotton, which is derived from the Gossypium barbadense species of cotton plant, and yields unusually long, silky fibres. This is the single most important factor in determining the feel and quality of your bedding. 

2. Ply. 

Single ply threads make softer and more durable sheets. Double or triple ply means two or more yarns have been twisted together in each thread, usually to inflate the thread count, or strengthen lower quality threads that are too weak to be woven as single-ply. 

3. Location, Location, Location. 

The quality of the weaving and finishing of your bedding is just as important as the cotton that goes into them. Making luxury sheets is a true craft. The master cotton weavers of the World are based in Italy & Portugal, and the mills in these regions have typically been run by local families for multiple generations – they have exacting standards and unrivalled expertise.

 4. Eco Standards. 

Look for Oeko-Tex certification, which means your bedding has been made without the use of harmful chemicals at any stage of the manufacturing process. You’d be surprised how many sheets use bleaches and dyes which are not only harmful to the planet, they are harmful to you. Bedding labelled as ‘wrinkle free’ should be avoided at all costs as it has likely been treated with formaldehyde resin, a toxic chemical. 

5. Weaves. 

How the cotton is woven has a huge impact on the way your bedding looks and feels. High quality cotton is typically produced in ‘Percale’ and ‘Sateen’ weaves. A percale weave produces a cool and crisp fabric, like your favorite white shirt, whilst a sateen weave produces a luxurious silky fabric. 


Needless to say, these are the things we thought about whilst developing our bedding, all of which is woven from 100% long staple cotton, using single-ply construction. Our bedding is made in Portugal by the best craftsmen around, and everything is Oeko-Tex certified.

By getting these four things just right, the only decision you need to make is which style you like – so are you Relaxed (percale weave, garment washed), Classic (percale weave), or Luxe (sateen weave)? The choice is yours!