What is sateen bedding, and will it suit you?

How the cotton in your bedding is woven has a huge impact on the way your bedding looks and feels. Your sleep environment can feel dramatically differerent depending on the weave pattern of your sheets.

High quality cotton bedding is typically produced in percale and sateen weaves. A percale weave produces a cool and crisp fabric, like your favourite shirt, whilst a sateen weave produces a luxuriously silky fabric.

At Bedfolk, we offer two types of percale weave (Relaxed and Classic) and one sateen (Luxe).

Into the details?

Us too. Let’s talk sateen.

How does it feel?

Sateen feels like silk against the skin. It’s super-smooth and buttery soft and has a subtle sheen that mellows beautifully after washing.

"If you like sleeping in a welcoming 'hug' of a bed then this is the weave for you."

How is it made?

The cotton yarns are woven in a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over pattern, which exposes more of the thread surface. This is why it has a silky feel and a luxurious lustre. It is typically more tightly woven than Percale, making it slightly heavier and naturally wrinkle resistant. 

Will it suit me?

If you like sleeping in a cosy welcoming ‘hug’ of a bed then this is the weave for you. It retains more of your body heat, whilst still being far more lightweight and breathable than other fabrics.

How is Bedfolk’s sateen (Luxe) different?

Our Luxe bedding is breathable, light and soft with none of the heaviness of typical sateen (because we use 100% long staple cotton, in a single ply weave). It’s lightweight but cosy at the same time.

These sheets look and feel high end, but are conveniently low-maintenance (easy to care for and naturally wrinkle resistant).


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