New Colour Alert: Introducing Ink

The story behind our newest colour...

Behind the design

Our design ethos is all about simplicity. For us, that means having a tightly curated range of beautifully soft bedding in mix and match colours. We don’t do trends, we don’t launch ‘new season collections’, we design our products to last… and last… and last. In some ways, that makes our job of designing products easier – we cut out everything unnecessary and can focus on the simplicity of high quality, timeless products – but in other ways, it makes it harder; everything we do needs to be designed with longevity and layering at the top of mind.

You asked, we listened

Something that is hugely important to us at Bedfolk is communicating with our customers and finding out what you are looking for. Early into our Bedfolk journey, we started getting requests for darker colours, so we took note, started collecting inspiration and working on developing a new colour. The most essential thing was creating a colour that was mellow enough to sit with our current collection of Scandi-inspired shades: Rose (barely-pink), Dove (gentle blue-grey) and Snow (soft white). We spent a few months playing around with some dark greys, but the colour felt flat and too harsh with our very gentle / natural palette.  

Behind the design | Ink bedding by Bedfolk
Co-Founder Nick with an early version of Ink

Introducing Ink

We realised we needed to bring some blue in, to add that much needed mellowness. It took many months, and many lab dips, but we finally found The One. Our newest addition to the core colour collection is ‘Ink’ – a gentle dark blue-grey, which layers beautifully with all of our colours (and also looks pretty amazing alone!) It’s definitely a dark colour, as requested, but there is something soft about it which works perfectly for a bedroom.

Relaxed in Ink | Quilt in Clay | BedfolkWe hope you love the new addition to our core collection! We’ll be adding a couple more colours soon, so if you have any thoughts or requests please do get in touch with us – we always love to hear from you. 

You can shop Ink here.