What is percale bedding, and will it suit you?

How the cotton in your bedding is woven has a huge impact on the way your bedding looks and feels. Your sleep environment can feel dramatically differerent depending on the weave pattern of your sheets.

High quality cotton bedding is typically produced in percale and sateen weaves. A percale weave produces a cool and crisp fabric, like your favourite shirt, whilst a sateen weave produces a luxuriously silky fabric.

At Bedfolk, we offer two types of percale weave (Relaxed and Classic) and one sateen (Luxe).



Us too. Let’s talk percale.


How does it feel?

Crisp, cool and smooth. Percale weaves are lightweight, breathable and get softer over time.

"If you sleep warm and like sleeping in a cool, crisp and breathable bed then this is the weave for you."


How is it made?

The cotton yarns are woven in a classic one-yarn-under and one-yarn-over pattern, which offers exceptional softness and durability.


Will it suit me?

If you sleep warm and like sleeping in a cool, crisp and breathable bed then this is the weave for you. It provides the best airflow due to the weave.

Why do Bedfolk have two types of Percale weave?

Both Relaxed and Classic offer the same qualities in terms of breathability and softness as they are both made from 100% long staple cotton, in a percale weave. The difference lies in the aesthetic:

  •  Our Relaxed bedding had been dyed in a process called ‘garment washing’ which means it has a more crumpled texture, and a more laid-back look. It has the aesthetic of linen, whilst retaining the softness and breathability of cotton. It’s been designed to look and feel better when effortlessly crumpled.

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  • With our Classic bedding, the individual threads are dyed, offering a more even distribution of colour and a smoother hand feel. Soft, crisp and airy, this isn’t your average percale weave – it’s refined, smooth and absolutely dreamy. When ironed, it feels like a super smooth high quality dress shirt.

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