Guest Bedroom Tips - A Hosting Handbook

Whether it’s the in-laws, kids, family, or friends visiting – you can help your guests leave feeling fresher than when they arrived by turning that box room at the end of the hall into a rest inducing sanctuary with our ten easy guest bedroom tips

1. A Spare Bedroom Deserves Good Bedding

OK, we might be more than a little biased, but to make a truly great guestroom, you’ll need some extremely soft bedding on the bed. No-one loves sleeping on scratchy sheets that have been on the main bed for ten years before being relegated to the guest room. An added bonus of investing in luxury bedding for your spare room: your guests may feel so comfortable that they miss breakfast. That’s extra zzz’s for you too!

At Bedfolk HQ, we typically recommend our ‘Classic’ percale bedding for guest rooms – it’s got that crisp and cool quality that you find in boutique hotels, making it an absolute hit with guests.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how to shop for bedding like a pro.

2. Layer Up for Cosiness

Hot sleeper? Meet cold sleeper. The point is, not everyone feels the same temperature during the night. Cater to everyone’s needs, and make your guest bedroom extra comfortable, by layering up the bed with blankets, throws, and pillows.
Different bedding styles can also feel different in terms of warmth – percale bedding tends to feel cooler to the touch and is suited to hot sleepers, whilst sateen bedding has a naturally heavier drape, making it ideal for those that feel cold in the night.

3. Light it up

Nothing detracts from a calm, relaxing bedroom more than a bright overhead light. Opt for bedside lamps that emit a soft sleep-promoting glow.

4. Aromatherapy

Relaxing aromas in the bedroom will help encourage a good night’s sleep for your guests. Sandalwood, lavender, and chamomile encourage rest, and there's nothing cosier than a gently flickering candle on the nightstand.
Over at Bedfolk HQ, we’re currently enjoying aromas from This Works (sleep mist), Skandinavisk (scented candles), and the NEOM (wellness pod).

5. Thoughtful Touches

It’s the little touches that really make the difference. A carafe of water with glasses on the bedside and a towel on the end of the bed will make guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive.

6. Electrics

No-one loves an empty battery. A spare universal charger will avoid any 21st century smart-phone related meltdowns. Make sure there’s spare plug sockets or an extension cable so your guests can charge up their devices, and grab an adapter to cater for any international guests that are coming. They’ll love you for it.

7. Guest Bedroom Storage

Living out of a suitcase isn’t our idea of a comfortable stay, and that beat up holdall really detracts from the relaxing guest room feel you’ve worked so hard to create. Clearing out some wardrobe, drawer, and luggage space for guests is a sure-fire way to make you everyone’s favourite host.

8. Bathroom Essentials

OK, so you might not have been planning to go full hotel mode, but if it’s either that or waking up to guests with hair-of-the-dog breath, we’re going for the former. A little bowl in the bathroom with a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, and other essentials will avoid any needless emergency trips to the shops.

9. Reading Material

Just because you’ve invited them to stay, doesn’t mean you necessarily want to hang out your friends and family 24/7. A couple of books on the bedside is a great way to keep your guests happy, plus it’s an opportunity to show them what a connoisseur of literature you really are, right?

Currently on our bookshelves and perfect to pick up for ten minutes here and there are: Zadie Smith’s ‘Grand Union’, Adam Kay’s ‘Twas the Nightshift before Christmas’, and Billy Connolly’s ‘Tall Tales and Wee Stories’.

10. Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter Clean

Ok, so it might go without saying, but no-one wants to sleep in a messy or dirty bedroom, and just because you never go in there, doesn’t mean its staying clean. Pick up those clothes, hoover that carpet, and dust those bedsides down as a final task before your guests arrive…

It’s Time to Turn Your Guest Bedroom into A Welcoming Sanctuary

So now you’ve got some tricks up your sleeves, all that’s left is to make that guest room into the nest that your guests deserve…

Make the perfect start by investing in some high quality, cotton bedding.