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Article: The Wind Down with Elspeth Tull

The Wind Down with Elspeth Tull

The Wind Down with Elspeth Tull

This week we’re in bed with Elspeth Tull, founder of events and floral design studio Blume.

We spoke to Elspeth about growing a business, making a rental house feel like home, and the perfect duvet day.

How have you found adjusting to spending more time in your space over the last few months? 

I moved to a new rented home just as lockdown begun so I found a lot of joy in designing our bedroom and sitting room (it mainly consisted of disguising pine furniture and making the flat feel less like a bachelor pad). I value beautiful spaces so much and it’s important for me that they feel relaxing and a joy to be in. 

We also spent a lot of time working on the garden and we even built a garden studio, so I had somewhere to work when designing Blume flowers from home. I cherished spending more time at home with my partner. I was busier than ever trying to keep the business afloat, so it was lovely having him close by for support.

Elspeth sleeps in Linen in Rose & InkElspeth sleeps in Linen in Rose & Ink with Quilted Squares in Rose


How would you spend your perfect day off at home?

Sundays are usually my favourite day at home (when I’m not working). It normally involves a leisurely breakfast, a trip to the local butchers and we will cook all afternoon with a glass of wine and an old film in the background. In another pre-Covid life we would also have our closest friends’ round.

What do you want your home to feel like and why?

Calming and beautiful. Running my own business means I’m very often working 7 days a week and long hours. For me it’s so important that when I come home that I’m able to relax and switch off. Creating a beautiful space allows me to enjoy this experience. I love the mix of natural materials and modern touches like linens and brass. As we’re renting our home isn’t exactly how I’d like it, but the shop is my home away from home.

What are some of your favourite things in your home?

I got rid of a lot of things when I sold my flat a few years ago. I decided to take a leap of faith and do a career change in floristry and use the money from the house to set up Blume. I’ve definitely adjusted from being used to buying material things to having to be much more careful with my money. I used to work in interior design and in my previous house I made the most of the trade discounts. I only kept a few things and one of my favourite things is definitely my Kitchen Aid. I love to cook and for me cooking feels like home.

Elspeth Flower CloudElspeth creating a flower cloud at Bedfolk HQ

The Slow Down

What helps you really wind down well?

A glass of wine, a scented candle and mood lighting.

What three things do you do before bed?

Make a decaf tea, check emails and Instagram, read!

What three tastes or smells signify sleep to you?

A cup of decaf Yorkshire tea, my camellia nut moisturiser & Neom ‘Perfect Night Sleep’ pillow mist.

Elspeth at home in bed
Elspeth at home with her Bedfolk linen bedding

Elspeth's Lie-in List 

  1. American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

  1. Sex Education
  2. 13th
  3. Ozark
  1. Laura Marling
  2. The Teskey Brothers






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Visit Blume Studio here, and follow Elspeth on instagram for some dreamy floral inspo.

Featured: Linen Bedding in Rose & Ink, and Quilted Squares in Rose.

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