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Article: Two Years of Bedfolk | Our Journey So Far...

Two Years of Bedfolk | Our Journey So Far...
Bedfolk News

Two Years of Bedfolk | Our Journey So Far...

This week we’re celebrating two years of Bedfolk. Our co-founder Nick looks back at the journey, the strange looks from the neighbours in the early days, and how our team of comfort-addicts at Bedfolk HQ has grown.

We launched Bedfolk in May 2018 from our home in Gloucestershire. It would seem appropriate to use the old cliche that we started our business from the kitchen table, but unfortunately the kitchen table had to make way for all the boxes of bedding (we ate dinner on the sofa for the next 18 months).

1000 Bedfolk boxes arrive in our cottage in early 2018

We lived in a sleepy Cotswold town, in a medieval cottage, and will never forget the faces of our neighbours as a 28 tonne articulated lorry backed up a narrow path to unload 122 large boxes of luxurious cotton bedding. It was our life savings in bedsheets, and as we carried each box through from the curb-side to our living room-cum-warehouse, we could only pray that it didn’t rain.

Please don't rain...

Fast forward 2 years, and thankfully we’re no longer storing bedding in our living room - we've upgraded our warehouse to the real thing. Our in-house team has expanded to five (Hi to Alex, Hayley and James), but the Bedfolk family is made up from many more wonderful people who help us to run Bedfolk every single day - from Joao and Salete in our Portuguese mill, to our DPD driver Dan who picks up our packages each afternoon. We’re so proud of the team that we’re building.

Beautiful Northern Portugal

We’ve calculated that since we launched, our community of Bedfolk have spent nearly 700,000 cumulative nights between our luxurious sheets. In the process, they’ve left us more than 500 5 star reviews (and brought 500 beaming smiles to our faces). We’ve never put our bedding on sale, as we believe in offering the best possible prices all year round, but we’ve planted 415 trees in the Scottish wilds as part of our ‘buy-one-get-one-tree’ Black Friday & January anti-sale initiative, with many more to come. In Spring 2019 we stopped sending our bedding out wrapped in protective plastic bags - saving more than 3km of single use plastic to date - and we continue to relentlessly look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

So Happy Birthday to us! We hope we can bring you lots more comfort over the next two years, and for many more years to come.

How many nights our customers have slept in Bedfolk sheets:


How many 5* reviews our wonderful customers gave us:


How many metres of single use plastic we’ve saved since we switched to plastic free packaging:


How many paper cuts we’ve had sealing up boxes since we switched to plastic free packaging:


How many times we put our bedding on sale:


How many trees we’ve planted as part of our anti sale ‘buy one get one tree’ initiative:


How many new products we launched:

One! It took us 2 years to perfect our linen bedding. We’re all about quality, not quantity.

How many times team dog Juju has been caught napping in the Bedfolk studio:

Too many to count 

Oh surprise surprise, who's snoozing in the studio...

Sometimes our customer send us a personal email or card and it makes our day, here's a few of the many lovely messages we've received (thank you so much):

"I just wanted to get in touch to say your bedding is heavenly! Our Bedfolk set is by far the best bedset we have ever slept in!"

"Dear Bedfolk - Your wonderful bedding has arrived. I can't wait to get into bed tonight!"

"Honestly though Bedfolk is the best, and I’ll tell anyone who will listen."

"Hi Nick, just a quick follow up  message after our conversation last week. Our bedding arrived yesterday and we absolutely love it. Everything you described was wholly accurate and the quality is amazing. The internet doesn't do it justice."

"I have been using your sheets from the start and cannot switch to anything else :)"

"By the way - I love your product - Ive been looking for a long time for the right bedding and finally found you!"

"We slept in your bedding for the first time over the weekend. It was lovely... absolutely beautiful to sleep in. Even my husband commented! Can you please send me a link so I write a review?"

"Just a note to say I’ve just received my first order from you - a pale pink crisp cotton king sized duvet  cover and two pillow cases.  I must confess to being a bit of a bed linen addict and am absolutely thrilled with my purchase."

"Love everything about Bedfolk,  even the font used. Congratulations on such a great product and branding. I’ll have to treasure your email for when you all hit the big time!" 

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