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Article: The Wind Down With Winnie Quach

The Wind Down With Winnie Quach

The Wind Down With Winnie Quach

Meet Winnie Quach; a Chinese Australian from Melbourne, business owner and mother of two (very soon to be three).
We chat to Winnie about finding the time to wind down when you live in a busy household with a growing brood.


What do you do out in the world?

I have a children’s label called luna + river and we make very simple silhouette organic cotton and linen dresses, rompers and mix and match pieces for your little ones. 

Baby no.3 is on the way. What have been your favourite winding down rituals during your pregnancy?

It has been crazy busy with a 5 year old and a 2 year old currently in the house, so finding time during the day is hard, but when I do it is normally in the evenings when the kids are in bed. You will usually find me lighting a candle and having a warm magnesium salt bath or lately lying in the evening sun in my bedroom with my belly out.

Winnie's babies sleep in Linen in Clay and Rose

How do you like to relax as a family?

We love the outdoors. Luna skateboards and we spend time near the beach (or anywhere with water). Creeks, lakes you name it...
We recently went on a campervan trip down the Cornwall coast and it was so amazing. Holidays are a treat and we normally get to relax then, otherwise when we can’t escape London we spend a lot of time at the park, bike rides and trip to cool cafes.

Winnie and her family at the seaside

Does your family have a bedtime routine and what does it look like?

We are all about routine when we can, as it helps the kids to wind down. Normally after dinner, the kids will have a bit of a play together while hubby and I clean up. We then turn most of the lights down to create a night time mood.
They have a bath if they haven’t had one before dinner and we get the kids beds ready for bed. The kids then choose a couple of books and get cosy in our bed and we all read together, sometimes they like to read on their own, sometimes they want to be read to, so we let them decide. 
We then tuck the kids in bed, Luna loves to talk and tell stories before falling asleep.

Winnie sleeps in Linen in Moss

Getting plenty of rest can be a struggle when you’ve got children. Do you manage to steal the occasional lie in and how do you like to spend that extra time in bed?

On the odd occasion I will get the occasional lie in on the weekend.  I normally take advantage of that and actually continue to sleep – even more so with the comfiest linen set from Bedfolk, I absolutely love the range.

Describe your perfect weekend. 

A nice early walk by the river or beach, followed by brunch with girlfriends and the afternoon with the family doing something we love, now that summer is here we love bringing a ball and Frisbee some music and bring along a packed picnic for dinner!

What products help you to really wind down well? 

Ginger lemon tea with a fresh cut of lemon.  Magnesium salt baths – relieves all the aches and pains of pregnancy. An easy facial routine – currently using Sukins range which I love and soooo affordable!

What are your favourite items in your home and why?

We don’t have a lot of stuff since we are renovating, but I do love my thrifted tea cups and hasami porcelain coffee cups.
I also have a 15min sand timer which I use for many things - like timeout for the kids or when I need alone time I use the 15 min sand timer to get some headspace which is great for the soul sometimes.
I also love my plants – which I will continue to add to the home eventually once renovations are all done!

Winnie's home in London

What feeling does your home give you when you walk through your front door?

Scandinavian country. It currently has a very rustic vibe to it which I love, it is quite relaxed and minimal with a very earthy palette.

Quickfire Questions:

Are you Relaxed, Classic, Linen or Luxe? 


What three things do you do before you go to bed? 

Bath, shower and facial routine. A cup of water and listen to a podcast/music/or catch up with hubby.

What’s your trick for going to sleep? 

Getting enough movement - walks, stretching, breathing deeply and hydration in the day helps me sleep well.

‘My sheets make me feel…’ 

Like I can sleep forever!

‘The song I fall asleep to is…’ 

Some form of acoustic jazz or any songs from Hollow Coves, and The Dreggs

One pillow or two? 

Two to start… And somehow end up with one in the morning.

Winnie’s Lie In List


I would love to read more! I'm ashamed to say I haven’t read since having children besides magazines. I love a good lifestyle magazine, my favourites are Kinfolk, Monocle, and Cereal.


Atypical, This is Us, Handmaids Tale, Motherland


Hollow Coves, The Dreggs, Beyond The Bump podcast for a light hearted laugh, Gracetales Podcast, Happy Place Podcast.

Check out:

I’ve only been living in Beyond Nine.


 Get The Look 

Winnie sleeps in Linen in Moss with the Linen & Cotton Throw in Clay.
Winnie's children sleep in Linen in Clay and Linen in Rose single bundles.  




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