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Article: Down vs Synthetic: Which Duvet Is For You?

Down vs Synthetic: Which Duvet Is For You?

Down vs Synthetic: Which Duvet Is For You?

If you’re in the market for a new duvet and you’re wondering whether a down duvet or synthetic duvet is the best bed companion for you, we’ve got you covered with this handy buying guide.

Ready to find your perfect duvet?

What is a down duvet?

Ah… The down duvet is the epitome of luxury. If you want your bed to feel like a cloud of comfort – and who doesn’t – then the ideal duvet fill is 100% down. Trust us, it was a tricky job and we tried all of the options. But what is a down duvet and how is it made? We’ll explain...

Feather vs down: what’s the difference?

Down duvets are often confused with feather duvets, but the feel and quality can be very different. Feather is a cheaper alternative to down and here’s why… Have you ever been sleeping and found that you’re rudely awoken by the poke of a quill stabbing you through your duvet? Yep, that’s the trademark of a feather duvet for you.

Down, on the other hand, comes from the breast of a bird. It’s softer, fluffier and there’s no sharp quills to poke you through the night. Down clusters are much lighter than feathers, yet they deliver the same level of warmth – which means you get a comfortable duvet that you can truly sink into. It’s the ultimate cloud-like sleep experience, and we’re here for it.

Top tip: 100% down duvets are hard to come by (many companies will often market their products as ‘down’ as opposed to ‘100% down’ and they will contain a component of feather). At Bedfolk, we’re proud to promise only 100% down duvets so you can achieve that premium night’s sleep. Sounds dreamy and it is.

I'm ready to rest in the best

100% Down Duvet
100% Down: all of the fluff and none of the feathers

Where does recycled down come from?

If you want to combine comfort and sustainability, a recycled down duvet is the duvet for you. It still has the same cosy characteristics as a premium 100% down duvet (warm, fluffy, light and luxurious), but it is part of the circular economy.

So, where does recycled down come from? Pre-loved down is taken from luxury apparel before it’s sorted and cleaned it to the highest standard and turned into the fluffiest fill. Goodbye designer jacket, hello snuggly duvet (with extra eco-friendly credentials to boot).

Wrap me up in upcycled luxury

Recycled Down
Recycled down: because soft and cosy duvets made with recycled down just *feel* right

What is a down alternative duvet?

A down alternative duvet (also known as a synthetic duvet) is yet another option to take to bed.

Down alternative duvets can have a range of fillings depending on where you purchase it from but most are filled with polyester. Sounds nasty but let’s park that judgement for a second. Here’s why…

At Bedfolk, our masters at the mill in Scotland have replicated the same soft-as-a-hug, fluffy feeling as down, using only recycled plastic bottles instead. What kind of cloud-comfort magic is this, you ask? We think they’re wizards too.

Sustainability aside, a down alternative duvet also has other perks…

Down Alternative
Down Alternative: spun from recycled plastic that feels like down. Magic. 

The advantages of a down alternative duvet

  • A synthetic duvet doesn’t carry the same premium price tag as a 100% down duvet so it is more affordable.
  • Some people are allergic to down products and a synthetic duvet is a great alternative. Top tip: all Bedfolk products are hypoallergenic so you can rest easy under the choice of both a down or down alternative duvet.
  • The vast majority of synthetic duvets are suitable for vegans (just make sure you check the casings first). Top tip: our casings are made from 100% cotton sateen.

I want to get super cosy in a super sustainable duvet

Is down better than synthetic fibres?

The great debate… Is a 100% down duvet worth the price tag? It’s a personal preference but we think so. Here’s why… 

The advantages of a down duvet

  • If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort factor, you can’t beat a 100% down duvet. It is one of the best fills you can buy for a premium night’s sleep.
  • At Bedfolk we’re all about bed companions that last and a good quality down duvet can last up to twenty years when carefully looked after. That’s longevity at its finest.
  • Down is a natural fill and very breathable for hot sleepers – so you can wrap up burrito style.

Now you've chosen your fill, it's time to choose your tog. 

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