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Article: The Wind Down With The Proudlocks

The Wind Down With The Proudlocks

The Wind Down With The Proudlocks

This weekend we’re hopping into bed with model Emma Lou and fashion entrepreneur Oliver Proudlock, to talk winding down routines, bedtime baths and Matthew McConaughey Sleep Stories.

What makes a home to you?

E: To me, a home is all about the good, calm, chilled relaxing vibes

O: The ambience…

E: The ambience! I love lighting…

O: She’s big on lighting, she’s big on smells…

E: Smells, lighting, music, fabric…

O: All the senses… Sometimes Ems makes it a little too dark and when I don’t have my glasses on, I literally can’t see a thing, so I’m always trying to turn up the light.

E: I like a candlelit bedtime vibe. 

"I like a candlelit bedtime vibe"

Where is your favourite place to relax in your home?

E: Mine is always bed. If I could live horizontally I would.

O: Yours is bed, I would probably say mine is the bath in our bathroom upstairs. Super relaxed, very dark, light a candle, bubble bath… Job done.

E: You love a bath. You have one at 6pm every night like a toddler.

O: Actually Ems, before we met you never liked bath. She’s now big on the baths. You have a bath every night as well now. 

What does your perfect weekend look like?

E: My perfect weekend always starts in the kitchen. Saturday morning… breakfast in bed with coffee.

O: Breakfast in bed with a film would be the ultimate start to a lazy, slow weekend for me.

E: A lazy, slow weekend is my perfect weekend. Good food, good long naps…

O: And a bath! After a long week, when we get back, we want to catch up. We’d probably hangout in the kitchen, Ems is prepping something delicious for dinner and we’ll just get cosy in the TV room. The fire is on, it’s nice and warm and super cosy.


What helps you to unwind?

E: I love fresh sheets, clean bedding, nice candles.

O: I think some nice music as well.

E: Yeah a good book, fire and candles, clean bedding… It’s the good vibes isn’t it? 

The Proudlocks sleep in Linen in Clay

What’s your trick for falling asleep?

E: Mine is listening to a bedtime story…

O: Combined with pillow spray and magnesium body spray.

E: Is it too early to go to bed now?

O: Absolutely not.

What do you love about Bedfolk?

E: I just love that it’s all beautiful linen. I love sleeping in linen and it looks so nice. You don’t have to iron it, that’s a bonus.

O: Amen! Looks good, feels good, sleeps good…

E: Good tagline.

O: You can keep that one guys.

Quickfire questions 

My sheets make me feel…

E: Comfy

Shower or bath?

O: Bath!

One pillow or two?

E: Two

Night owl or early bird?

O: Early bird.

The song I fall asleep to is…

E: Matthew McConaughey’s Sleep Stories.

My favourite bedtime scent…

O: Lavender


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