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Article: Styling Tips From Hattie

Classic Cotton Bedding For Spring and Summer
Bedfolk News

Styling Tips From Hattie

Spring 2022

A note from Bedfolk’s Stylist & Creative Manager

We go behind the scenes and chat to Bedfolk’s very own Stylist & Creative Manager, Hattie, about her top bedroom styling tips; from the inspiration behind our photoshoots, to Bedfolk’s must-have and most versatile products.

Crisp, cool, clean, classic.

Which top three styling tips do you live by when styling bedrooms?

  1. Consider colour... thinking about the mood we want to create and whether to go for a more bold or subtle wall colour is important.
  2. Layer up... build textures and add colours to create depth and a lived-in feeling.
  3. Creatpersonality... by curating objects of interest that complement the colours and textures of the space.

    How would you recommend refreshing your bed along with the seasons?

    Add a coloured linen flat sheet under your duvet for an extra layer of warmth in winter and casually drape it over the end of the bed in a lighter shade for an airy decorative addition in summer.

    Layer up with a flat sheet

    Do you prefer to mix & match or colour block?

    I love mixing pillows in different colours and sizes. It’s a great way to give your bed depth and emphasise all those comfy layers. When the weather starts to turn cooler, I mix darker hues together. If in doubt - break up colour with hints of Snow bedding.

    Rust and Snow = a dreamy colour combination

    What are your favourite colours to style?

    Most often I’ll look for colours that tie in with the rest of the space and complement this. In a room with lots of colour or for a more minimalist atmosphere, I’ll opt for neutrals. Pairing Snow and Clay is one of my favourite combinations.

    Which bedding essential do you find most versatile?

    Our Quilted Cotton Squares are perfect for breaking up a bed with some texture. The padded, relaxed fabric and ribbed line detail is beautiful plus they’re extra comfortable for sitting up against in bed and reading a book in bed.

    Our quilted squares are the squishiest things ever

    What is your favourite bedding to style?

    Linen, no question! Its effortless drape and slightly crumpled texture catches light and shadow in a wonderful way. The bonus is that it requires minimal maintenance and ironing.

    What has been your favourite photoshoot to date?

    The photoshoot on location in Manchester for the launch of our Bath Collection. I loved working on a completely new category with a real-life couple, Max and Gwen, capturing moments with such authenticity on set.

    The Everyday Robe in Clay & Moss

    Where do you get your inspiration?

    I’m most inspired by the four seasons. I love the change in temperature and colour that comes with a seasonal shift and always want to reflect this visually. For my daily dose of inspiration, I follow interior accounts such as:

    • @maandpartners
    • @stleointeriors
    • @meierinteriors
    • @eyeswoon
    • @bombinate
    • @amberinteriors
    • @seanandersondesign
    • @perspectivestudio

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