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Article: The Homing Call: The One About Music

The Homing Call: The One About Music

The Homing Call: The One About Music

We've got a Saturday morning ritual for you. Wake up (at whatever time), roll over and read The Homing Call.

It's an exploration of all the things that call our bedfolk home - from novels and DIY to romcoms and wine. Sure, we've spent many hours at home this year, which means we've had even more time to reflect on our creature comforts.

Each week we'll explore a new home pastime worth staying in for - with interviews, lie-in lists and more. Think of it as another excuse to stay in bed ten minutes longer, not that you need one.


The Homing Call: The One About Music

If your homing call was actually a soundtrack what would it be? Are you the type to jam to old school disco (looking at you, Sister Sledge) or chill out to smooth soul hits (thanks, Otis Redding)? 

Because music on the go is great for our workouts and walks outside, but there’s nothing like putting on your favourite record at home, turning up the volume and indulging in a solo dance party in your living room.

This weekend’s edition is dedicated to a few favourite tunes, new recommendations and a peek into our favourite musicians and the music that calls them home. 

The Homing Call Music Words To Wake Up To

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

—Johnny Cash


Check out... NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts

How much time do you have? Because once you’ve discovered NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts you won’t be moving anytime soon. They really are concerts hosted at – er – a tiny desk in NPR’s Washington, DC, HQ.

But with big stars: Adele, Harry Styles, Anderson Paak and Taylor Swift have all jammed here. The sessions feel intimate and unscripted. We love them as much for showing the stars (Lizzo) as we do for introducing us to new bands we can spend the weekend getting to know. 

Get your groove on here


In last week’s edition of Pillowtalk, we caught up with musician and producer Scott Quinn when he shared his favourite nostalgia-inducing songs and the five musicians he’d like to stay at home with…

“I listen to such a varied mix of music but certain artists are very nostalgic for me. The Carpenters, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Earth Wind and Fire are all musicians that my parents played a lot when I was a kid, so any of their songs feel like home to me.”

Read our chat with Scott here

Scott Quinn Bedfolk Relaxed Cotton Ink

Scott at his home in London - Scott sleeps in Relaxed Cotton in Ink

The Lie In List


Just Kids - Patti Smith


Almost Famous / Bohemian Rhapsody / Rocketman


Keith Richard's Desert Island Discs


The Guardian’s 100 Best Albums Of The 21st Century


Crosley Vinyl Player

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