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Article: The Homing Call: The One About Doing Nothing

The Homing Call: The One About Doing Nothing

The Homing Call: The One About Doing Nothing

We've got a new Saturday morning ritual for you. Wake up (at whatever time), roll over and read The Homing Call.

It's an exploration of all the things that call our bedfolk home - from novels and DIY to romcoms and wine. Sure, we've spent many hours at home this year, which means we've had even more time to reflect on our creature comforts.

Each week we'll explore a new home pastime worth staying in for - with interviews, lie-in lists and more. Think of it as another excuse to stay in bed ten minutes longer, not that you need one.


The Homing Call: The One About Doing Nothing

Even in a time when we couldn’t do much, many of us weren’t very good at doing… nothing. Zoom yoga before breakfast, read three articles on ‘how to work from home’, then FaceTime various family members every night. We’re so used to productivity chat at work that the same mindset seeps into our free time.

 Put. Down. The To-Do List. 

This week we’re exploring what it means to switch off productivity mode. The Italians have a term for it:  ‘il dolce far niente’, or the sweetness of nothing. Here’s to your weekend being as sweet as they come.

Words To Wake Up To 

“You know what? Part of me just wants to eat a pizza and go to sleep.”

– Gwen Stefani 

Practising the Art of Niksen 

Ever heard of niksen? It’s hygge’s Dutch cousin, a concept which “literally means to do nothing, to be idle or doing something without any use.” Having been fed a tonne of productivity spiel over the past decade, it can be difficult to imagine just sitting in a chair and looking out the window on a weekend. But where there’s a word for it, there’s a way. 

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The Lie In List 


Laura Marling’s Song for our Daughter


The Lie In List


Against Hustle, an interview with Jenny Odell 


Headspace Meditation 


The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris 


In last week’s episode of Pillowtalk, we featured Nick Carvell who swapped writing about menswear for GQ and The Jackal, for freelancing from home earlier this year.

We chatted to Nick about the importance of an off-the-clock sanctuary and his newfound appreciation of a Campari and tonic at six 'o' clock on the dot.

“I find it really hard to do nothing. I always feel I need to be reading or messaging or physically doing something like balling socks during evening relaxation time. Unless you’re talking about lie-ins. I’m perfectly happy doing absolutely nothing there!”

Grab a cuppa and click here for the full interview

Felicity Quilt 

Before Instagram, before therapy, before we looked for answers in astrology apps, there was Felicity Quilt – Bedfolk’s resident agony aunt. She’s a pedant for clean rooms, made beds and no nonsense between the sheets. Each week she’ll be the F.Q. to your FAQs.  

Dear Felicity Quilt,

I’ve realised I always have to be with people or doing something to feel happy. Is there something wrong with me? 


Busy Betty 



Dear Busy Betty, 

Quite possibly. If the last few months have taught me anything it’s that there’s a lot of pleasure to be found in doing sweet FA. But if you’re the productive sort (which it sounds like you are) then you’ve got to be intentional about doing nothing – go at a Netflix binge in your bedsheets with the same gusto as you would your targets at work. Courage!

Felicity Quilt x





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