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Article: The Wind Down With Phil James

The Wind Down With Phil James

The Wind Down With Phil James

This week on The Wind Down, Phil James, the Founder and Creative Director of vintage-style clothing company &SONS, opens the doors to his home and shares the small joys and silver linings he’s found with his family during lockdown.


Phil James Founder of &SONS
Phil James at his home in Gloucestershire

Home has never been more important, and whilst we can't visit in person, we'd love you to describe what we'd be seeing if we were visiting.

I live in a 1930’s bungalow with my wife Kelly and sons Cooper and Jackson (aged 12 and 14). We bought it seven years ago in a very rundown and damp condition, so we needed to radically rebuild before moving in.

It’s very simple in design with a mix of Mid-Century and evolved furniture, and items we have collected over the years. It’s a real home; very lived-in and comfortable for our lifestyle.

Bedfolk Linen Bedding in Ink

Jackson having a snooze in Bedfolk's Linen in Ink

Have you found any small joys or silver linings in staying at home?

Yes – spending time at home with my family! We are all very busy, normally rushing to and from work and school, clubs and activities and trying to relax on the weekend (whilst pretending not to work). It leaves little time to actually slow down and spend time together

Through this situation we have decided to teach the boys the life lessons of cooking and household chores (they are loving it – haha!). We take it in turns with each son cooking and talking together in the evenings and it’s priceless.

We have been playing badminton in the garden whilst enjoying the evening sunshine and watching box sets together.

The small joys and silver linings have been finding time for each other.

Phil James

How are you finding winding down in the same space you've spent your day working?

This is tricky. It was difficult switching off in the evenings beforehand as being self-employed our business continues in the evenings with laptops and phones.

We have created a schedule for all four of us to help differentiate each day and evening by allocating work/school work in blocks of time, as well as when to exercise each day.

We like to stop work and enjoy a relaxing drink in the garden to unwind, before cooking with either Coop or Jax and let the evening commence.

The drink is the switching point. We may occasionally have two!

Bedfolk Linen Bedding in Ink
Linen in Ink looking effortlessly stylish in Phil's home

Are there any products you've really found have helped during this period?

Not so much one product, but online apps such as Zoom and Peloton have kept us active and connecting with friends and hobbies.

We’ve been seeing our friends on group fitness sessions and chatting over coffee which has been great to stay visually connected.

Sleep has become very important and it was hard to relax at the start of lockdown, so our memory foam mattress and super comfortable linen bedding, (Phil and Kelly sleep in Bedfolk Linen in Ink), has been a real dream saver.

Our lockdown products have been Reiki Vodka and Toni’s Chocolate – and our Bedfolk bedding, obviously! 

Bedfolk Linen In Ink

Your favourite words of wisdom for this enforced downtime…

Be calm, slow down and breathe!

Bedfolk Linen in Ink and Snow

Home Comforts:


The Sanctuary album by Gengahr 


Issey Miyake


Bacon sarnie on sourdough bread with chilli jam and peanut butter


The Institute by Stephen King


'I am the Night' on Sky


Depending on the weather, either an &SONS T-shirt with CUTTER denims or some shorts and our GARAGE baseball cap. Plus my trackies on lazy days obviously!  

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Stay home, stay safe, stay comfortable. Love team Bedfolk x 

We know not everyone is able to stay at home at the moment. We've teamed up with Dr.PAWPAW, Catherine Tough, Nightire, SLG and Freya+Bailey to create some boxes of comfort for those on the front line.

Last week we sent Boxes of Comfort to:
A Respiratory Nurse in Yorkshire
A HealthCare Support Worker in Carmarthenshire

A Consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham
An A&E Doctor in the West Midlands

Thank you for your nominations. Nominations are now closed.

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