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Article: The Wind Down With Dee Campling

The Wind Down With Dee Campling

The Wind Down With Dee Campling

This week on The Wind Down, Interiors Guru and Stylist Dee Campling, opens the doors to her stylish family home in Cheltenham, and shares the small joys and silver linings she’s found with her family during lockdown.

Dee Camping and her dog Ted
Dee Campling and her dog Ted

Home has never been more important, and whilst we can't visit in person, we'd love you to describe what we'd be seeing if we were visiting.

We live in a three bedroom Victorian house In Cheltenham. We’ve decorated it with neutral colours and emphasised all the period features such as the wooden floors.

We’ve furnished it using only things we love - with a mix of vintage, Scandinavian and French furniture. 

Dee Campling Hallway Home Bedfolk

Have you found any small joys or silver linings in staying at home?

The slower pace of life has been really good for me actually. I was trying to cram in way too much all the time pre Covid! Having time to complete long overdue DIY projects at home has also been a joy. 

How are you finding winding down in the same place that you've spent your day?

Keeping one room as a sanctuary is important. All rooms in the house are full of kids, dogs and chaos so I frequently escape to my bedroom in the early evening for some peace and quiet! 

Bedfolk Linen in Snow in Dee's home

Are there any products you've really found have helped during this period?

A cup of tea while sat up in a bed made up with freshly washed linen is not to be underestimated! 

Bedfolk Linen in Snow Dee Campling Bedroom Cheltenham
Dee sleeps in Bedfolk Linen in Snow

Your favourite words of wisdom for this enforced downtime…

Take each day as it comes, savour the little things and appreciate all the big things that you took for granted before.  

Dee Campling Home Cheltenham

Home Comforts


Anything by Bon Iver 


Eau de Sezane - I love all things French - the interiors, the clothes, the effortless style and this scent captures that for me.


I’m not a foodie but a vegetable curry washed down with red wine at a table full of friends would be fantastic right now.


Anything by Kate Atkinson 



I always aim for the ‘off duty ballerina’ look but never pull it off! 

Follow Dee on Instagram @deecampling  

Stay home, stay safe, stay comfortable. Love team Bedfolk x 




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