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Article: The Wind Down With Lisa Dawson

The Wind Down With Lisa Dawson

The Wind Down With Lisa Dawson

This week on The Wind Down, award-winning interiors writer and expert Lisa Dawson, opens the doors to her beautiful Georgian home in York, and shares the small joys and silver linings she’s found with her family during lockdown.

Have you found any small joys or silver linings in staying at home?

It’s certainly not the tidiest space at the moment but we are all enjoying being together at home.  I’ve been able to do some of the small jobs that I usually put off and it’s very satisfying to tick them off the list!

One of the areas I’m never able to spend enough time on is the garden and I’ve really enjoyed getting it ready for the summer months. I’ve been planting lots of new things so can’t wait for them to bloom later in the year.

Lisa Dawson Interiors influencer

Lisa Dawson at her home in York

How are you finding winding down in the same space you've spent your day working?

I’m finding it works really well to draw a line between the end of my work day and relaxing time. I am used to working at home so it’s not really a problem for me.  I’m keeping to the same routine as before (but without the school runs!).

Interiors Influencer Lisa Dawson

Lisa's office at her home in York

Are there any products you've really found have helped during this period?

I’m now finding it impossible to sit at my desk without a scented candle lit – the rest of my house is busy and chaotic so it’s a place of calm. 

I’ve also found that my bedroom has become an oasis at the end of the day and my Bedfolk linen (Lisa sleeps in Linen in Rose) has played a large part in this! Oh, and wine is always helpful too... 

Bedfolk 100% Linen in Rose

Lisa's bedroom featuring Bedfolk Linen in Rose

Your favourite words of wisdom for this enforced downtime…

We will most likely never be in this situation again, so try to make the most of the family time and no schedule. 

Lisa Dawson Bedroom bedfolk Linen Rose

Home Comforts:


Joni Mitchell


Polkra candles and the Beauty Pie Love perfume which I keep on my desk and spray every time I get up!


Prawn and avocado jacket potatoes (obsessed).


Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth


Normal People on BBC


Cargo trousers, T-shirts and dungarees.

Follow Lisa on Instagram or read her blog here

Interiors Influencer Lisa Dawson

Lisa in her WFH Uniform

Stay home, stay safe, stay comfortable. Love team Bedfolk x 

We know not everyone is able to stay at home at the moment. We've teamed up with Dr.PAWPAW, Catherine Tough, Nightire, SLG and Freya+Bailey to create some boxes of comfort for those on the front line.

Last week we sent Boxes of Comfort to:
A Covid 19 Ward Nurse in Londonderry
A GP Volunteer in Manchester

A Social Worker in Cheltenham
And two ICU Nurses in London
Thank you for your nominations. Nominations are now closed.



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