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Article: The Wind Down With Hana Snow

The Wind Down With Hana Snow

The Wind Down With Hana Snow

The third in our Wind Down series, where we chat with creative people who inspire us

Hana Snow is a creative stylist who works with lots of beautiful brands (luckily for us, that includes Bedfolk). She's super talented - just have a look on Instagram or Hana's website and you'll see what we mean.

We couldn't wait to sit down and have a chat with Hana, to talk cowbells, early morning dancing, and a mutual love of Sundays... 

Bedfolk & Hana Snow

Owl or lark?

Creative owl, Inspired lark!

I have my most enjoyable creative moments in the middle of the night, there is a special kind of energy that comes after sunset.

And an early morning dance around the kitchen getting ready for a days work whilst the sun comes up, that misty light, the feeling like you are witnessing something special before everyone arises... there is magic in the morning!

My morning routine looks something like...

I always wake naturally 15 mins before my alarm, spending these minutes enjoying my bed in a bit of a daze. Tea & toast wrapped in a blanket, some really embarrassing music if I need energy or a podcast if I’m feeling awake. Yoga if there is time.

My favourite breakfast spot is...

The Green Bird Cafe in Bath. Great coffee & the butternut & chorizo hash is perfection. 

Bedfolk & Hana Snow

My perfect lazy Sunday looks like...

Togetherness. Whether that is having tea and toast in bed all day with some silly Netflix series or a long walk with a dog, family Sunday supper. Sunday is for being with people I love.

My bedroom style is...

Peaceful... Both our and the spare room are painted a beautiful nutmeg white, calming, clean, not too much clutter. I have a collection on cowbells I’ve been collecting for years that all hang above the bed.

When life & the house can be chaotic it’s so important that this one room remains calm.

Bedfolk & Hana Snow

I got into styling by...

Naturally falling. I had always been styling my world around me within work and life. I had the opportunity to jump and go freelance, I poured every creative ounce out into the world and here we are now!

I’ve recently discovered...

  1. Baileys home in Hereford, probably my favourite place for props and inspiration at the moment.
  2. Atelier Ellis, paint & furniture makers. The softest quiet paint colours, I can’t stop thinking about “palette red”.
  3. Kitty Pennybacker - luxury knitwear for the home. Perfect for autumn winter cosyness. Right at the top of my wish list.

Bedfolk & Hana Snow

I’m currently reading...

Murakami, Kafka on the shore. Ive read most of Murakami’s work and somehow am only getting around to this one now.

My bedtime routine looks something like...

Candle lit Bath, Aesop body oil, curl up, bedtime chats and lights off.

My favourite thing about my Bedfolk bedding is...

How it feels like a treat every time I get into bed.


Hana sleeps on Relaxed in Rose, whilst her guests sleep on Classic in Snow.



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