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Article: New Colour Klaxon: Introducing Ochre

New Colour Klaxon: Introducing Ochre
Bedfolk News

New Colour Klaxon: Introducing Ochre

*Newness is here*

We're excited to share a new signature colour that has launched in our Luxury Bedding Collection. Buttery, warm and bold – say hello to Ochre.

We chat to Jo, Emma and Hattie (our product design and creative experts) about the process of creating this dreamy new shade as well as how to style it at home.

Linen Bedding in Ochre (and The Dream Cotton Robe)

The Colour Concept

A note from Jo, Co-Founder & Creative Director:

All of our Bedfolk colours are carefully (and painstakingly) considered, as they’re designed to stay in the collection forever, sitting perfectly with the rest of the core palette. We started with very neutral, soft colours that naturally lend themselves to winding down (Rose, Snow, Dove) and have slowly added some carefully considered, mellow darker tones (Ink and Moss) before moving into ‘warmer’ hues (Rust, and now Ochre).

With Ochre, we set out to create a warm colour that felt bright and fresh without being overpowering. Soft, buttery and timeless, a colour that can sit perfectly in your bedroom on both a bright summer’s day and a cosy autumnal evening.

Our Ochre has the mellowness that is a core part of the Bedfolk colour story – just looking at it makes you feel like you are sinking in butter with your cares melting away... It feels natural and almost earthy, whilst offering that warmth we’re looking for. It brings happiness without being bright, which is why it is a colour so many people are looking for at the moment. I can’t wait to layer it into my bedrooms this autumn, bringing some warmth into my home as the evenings get darker and colder. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Linen Duvet Cover in Ochre

The Design Process

A note from Emma, Product Lead:

When choosing to add a new colour to our core collection, we begin with taking a step back to look at our current core colours; what works well, what we feel is missing and what we feel our customers and fellow comfort addicts would love. We take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere; from researching trends to picking out hues found in the awe-inspiring surrounding area near our Bedfolk HQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 

Once we narrow down to a specific colour story, this is where the hard work begins! Reviewing colour after colour, we work with our makers to ensure we hit the right tone, hue and saturation, to create not only the best colour possible, but one that is cohesive and timeless. We aim to add something new and stylish to your bedroom and an exciting, bold new colour to our Bedfolk collection.

How to style Ochre

A note from Hattie, Stylist:

Our new shade Ochre is the hit of uplifting colour we’ve been craving for seasonal refreshes.

For a more masculine vibe and even more of a statement, layer it with hints of our moody ink bedding. If you prefer more subtle colour in your home, sticking with timeless bedding in Snow as a base with accents of Ochre cushions is great way to introduce a feeling of optimistic warmth. And of course, nothing gets us in the mood for autumn more than the warm hues of changing leaves, mimic this by combining Ochre with Rust.

Linen Bedding Bundle in Ochre

We hope you love the new addition to our core colours. As always, if you’ve got any thoughts or requests do get in touch, we love hearing from you.

Ochre is available to buy in:


Relaxed Cotton

The Cotton Quilt 

Quilted Square Pillowcases

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