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Article: Behind The Design | Baby & Toddler Collection

Behind The Design | Baby & Toddler Collection
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Behind The Design | Baby & Toddler Collection

Here at Bedfolk, we believe everyone deserves to wind down well – including tiny babies, energetic toddlers and exhausted parents.

These moments are so precious. It’s wrapping your baby up in a super-soft towel after a bath, cuddling up in a blanket together in a comfy chair or tucking your toddler into their first bed…

And for you – how exquisite it feels to put your head back on your pillow when you’ve just finished a 2am feed, or how wrapping up in a soft, warm towel feels when a 5-minute shower is like a day at a spa… these are the moments we want to make feel extra special.

Bedfolk is here for all of these wind down moments - giving you and your little one the ultimate comfort you both deserve.

Well this is adorable…

The Baby Collection

Our Baby & Toddler Collection is made up of our most popular products, but in miniature. Working across all our suppliers (in Portugal, Turkey and the UK) we’ve designed baby essentials in the same premium grade materials that we use in our core collection. That means we’ve been able to create the kind of soft and durable items that all parents want for the tiny people in their lives.

The bedding you love, now available for the whole family

Baby & Toddler Bedding

The launch collection includes four core bedding items, all made by our family-run mill in Portugal. We’ve used 100% Relaxed Cotton throughout these four products, and all are available in our core colour palette: Snow, Rose, Ink, Moss, Clay & Rust. 

  • Toddler Duvet Cover
  • Toddler Pillowcase
  • Moses Sheet
  • Cot Bed Sheet

All of these products are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified too. 

L-R: Toddler Duvet Cover | Moses Sheet

Baby Hooded Towel & Soft Touch Cuddle Blanket

The launch collection also includes a Baby Hooded Towel and Soft Touch Cuddle Blanket. All made from 100% long staple Turkish cotton, and are available in three core colours: Snow, Rose & Ink. You'll be twinning with your little one in wrapped-in-a-hug softness. 

L-R: Baby Hooded Towel | Soft Touch Cuddle Blanket 

The Baby Hooded Towel is made for those delicious bath-to-bed baby moments and The Soft Touch Cuddle Blanket is a multi-use blanket with a gentle muslin finish that’s perfect for delicate baby skin.

Toddler Duvet & Pillow

To complete the collection, we have also included a Toddler Duvet and Pillow. Made with our down alternative fill (100% hypoallergenic hollowfibre), they're gloriously cuddly and have the same high quality 100% cotton sateen casings as our adult duvets and pillows (how dreamy).

Made for tiny comfort addicts

Q&A with Jo - Founder & Creative Director

Q:  When did you start designing this collection?

I designed this collection whilst pregnant (and in the newborn phase with my daughter) as I quickly realised how variable the quality of baby items are (regardless of price point). I was surprised by how crisp, rough and bobbled many items became after just one wash, which not only felt incredibly wasteful (I wouldn’t be able to hand these items over to friends and family) but also undesirable for such soft, delicate baby skin.

Q: What was your key inspiration for this launch?

I struggled with finding natural, gender-neutral colour palettes for the nursery, a calming space to encourage sleep – the bright colours and patterns of baby bedding currently out there didn’t work for this… I wanted to buy long-lasting items that could be passed to friends and family for their babies (whether girls or boys!)

Q: How does this collection help people wind down well?

Our brand mission is to help everyone wind down well and winding down is so different for parents and their little ones - there's so much less time for it (and a lot of sleep deprivation!) but that makes wind down moments, like bathtime or cuddling up together, so much more important and special. I was also surprised at much I would appreciate our core collection, such as my beautifully soft and comfy bed, when it's the middle of the night after a feed! I hope our products will making winding down the best it can be for parents and their little ones.

The original Bedfolk Baby, Rosie (sleeps in Rose)


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