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Article: Four years of Bedfolk | The Birthday Edit

Four years of Bedfolk | The Birthday Edit
Bedfolk News

Four years of Bedfolk | The Birthday Edit

We’re celebrating four years of Bedfolk and for our birthday, we have some very special gifts (not that it’s all about the gifts... but who ever said no to presents?)

We are so proud to continue to support our partner, Trees for Life, for our birthday. We’ve already planted over 1,500 trees in our very own Bedfolk Grove in the heart of Scotland, and we can’t wait to plant more for our birthday this year. The trees in our grove will be carefully planted alongside other native trees, in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will help restore the Caledonian Forest and encourage wildlife.

Up in the Scottish Highlands

Just because we like to keep the gifts coming, we are also celebrating our fourth birthday with The Birthday Edit – we’ve asked our founders to pick four of their favourite products from the last four years, to offer to our community of fellow comfort addicts at special birthday pricing.

So from our birthday (today!) until the end of May, our gift to you is The Birthday Edit, hand-selected by our founders, and for all orders placed over £99 (across our entire collection), we’ll also be planting a tree in our grove.

Plus we’ll be having a lot of cake.

So Happy 4th Birthday to us! We are so excited for all of the exciting plans we have coming in the next year and beyond... Thank you for being a part of our journey and for getting comfy with us.

The Birthday Edit

Four Founders Favourites
Classic Cotton Bedding Bundle

“Classic was the first bedding style we developed, and one of the core products we launched with back in 2018, so we just had to include it in our Birthday Edit. We set out to create our own version of that amazing bedding experience of boutique hotels, all cool-cotton-softness. Classic is our answer to that: a breathable cotton with a super-smooth hand feel, it’s like sleeping in a 5-star hotel every single night.”

The 100% Down Duvet

“When we tested this duvet for the first time we were blown away by the difference it made to our bed. Made from 100% European Duck Down (responsibly sourced and traceable), it’s the fluffiest, most cloud-like cocoon of comfort, and it’s pretty much life changing!”

The Cotton Quilt

“Our modern take on a traditional quilt, this was the first layer we launched, and it’s been one of our best sellers ever since. It’s soft, squishy and super-versatile: ours is used on the bed, the sofa, as a playmat, as a picnic blanket, as some in-car comfort, a snooze blanket for our pup... the list goes on (thank goodness it’s machine washable!) It’s our ultimate favourite product, especially when paired with the matching Quilted Squares.”

The Essential Plush Towel Bundle

“Would you believe we started testing towels back in 2019? Three years and many, many, many trials later...we landed on the perfect plushness. Our super-luxe towels are impossibly soft thanks to a unique technology that spins the cotton fibres with air. You really can feel the difference. This bundle is the perfect ‘starter kit’ for making your bathroom feel like a luxury spa (and who doesn’t want that?)”

Quickfire with our Founders

Q1: What’s your favourite stand-out memory from the last four years?

Jo: There can’t be one. Our first ever sale, our first ever customer (who wasn’t a family member or friend!), our first million in revenue... we used to do a dance every time we got the little notification of a sale on our phone. We’re thrilled that we’d now be dancing all day if we did that, but we genuinely get the same *pinch me* feeling from every happy customer who emails us to say how much they love Bedfolk. It means so much to us.

Nick: Slightly boring but it felt like a huge moment when we got our first proper warehouse, and a forklift truck. At that point I thought – OK, maybe this is a legitimate business now!

Q2: What was your best wind-down moment in the last four years?

Jo: It’s probably a strange ‘wind down’ memory, but my ultimate was last summer with a tiny newborn baby and a super-busy business to run... I’d never spun so many plates at once, but it actually made my ‘wind down’ moments so much more heightened. I remember clambering into bed at 2am after yet another night feed and that bliss of being hugged by cloud-like pillows and super-soft, comforting bedding... I’d never felt anything like it! And it made me all the more determined in our mission to help people wind down well, making those little moments in all of our days the best they can possibly be.

Nick: After four years we just took our first holiday without our laptops! It was so nice to have a proper week where there was no option but to relax.

Q3: Any funny memories?

Jo: That first shipment of bedding arriving in an articulated lorry outside our doorstep is up there. We lived in a really old cottage at the time, down a cobbled medieval path of all things, so that lorry driver was a little disgruntled to say the least, thinking he was dropping off at a legit warehouse. Instead he just dumped it all on the cobbles and Nick and I ran back and forth with boxes of bedding in our arms, praying it wasn’t going to start raining! Those scrappy early days make us laugh a lot now. They were so fun.

Nick: So many. Running a business with your wife means you can have a good old goof around when no-one else is watching. We’d always come out of pitching to investors and have a right old laugh about something one of us had accidentally said, and we’re forever laughing at some of the stuff we have to do as founders – usually involving lugging heavy furniture up multiple flights of stairs, solving IT issues, or googling HR legislation.

Q4: What is your all-time favourite Bedfolk product?

Jo: For me it’s got to be The Cotton Quilt. It just feels very Bedfolk – it’s super soft and squishy but also can be used in so many ways. Ours is used on the bed, the sofa, in the car, as a playmat for our daughter, and as a picnic blanket in the park. They’re just endlessly useful, and easy to care for too.

Nick: Call me old school but I love our Classic Cotton bedding. It really is the ultimate comfort – crisp, cool and completely luxurious.

Q5: What are you most excited for in the next year?

Jo: So much! If I had to pick one thing it would be seeing Bedfolk Baby come to life, a passion project I worked on throughout my pregnancy and the newborn stage with my daughter Rosie Lou. Mini versions of Bedfolk – what’s not to love! Our dog is getting jealous though so we might have to do Dogfolk next.

Nick: The last four years have been pretty crazy – launching a business, moving multiple times, building a team, and navigating covid. I’m hoping the next year might be a little bit more ‘normal’!

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