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Article: International Women’s Day: An Interview With Bedfolk Founder Jo

International Women’s Day: An Interview With Bedfolk Founder Jo
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International Women’s Day: An Interview With Bedfolk Founder Jo

Women are a huge part of Bedfolk - from our customers, through to the makers in our mills, and our wonderful in-house team.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, we chat to Bedfolk’s very own product enthusiast, certified homebody and co-founder Jo, about what it means to be a female founder.

What does being a female founder mean to you?

Female founders are quite underrepresented, so it’s important to me to work with people who recognise the untapped potential and value in female-powered businesses.

We work with and hire people who are fantastic at what they do, and it’s an added bonus that there is a large representation of females in that mix. 

What has been your proudest moment since founding Bedfolk?

There have been lots of pinch me moments (as well as lots of sleepless nights!) and it’s hard to choose just one. I guess I’ll summarise it by saying I’m most proud of the fact that the business plan we wrote on a napkin on holiday in 2017 has become what Bedfolk is now.

It’s been life-changing in more ways than I could have imagined, but I’m proud we’ve made it this far – with a brand and products we can truly be passionate about, and a life where I get to embrace my homebody nature every day!

Jo with Bedfolk co-founder and husband Nick

Describe being a founder in three words

An absolute rollercoaster.

How has your wind down routine changed since becoming a parent?

It’s changed beyond recognition. I’ve never appreciated comfortable bedding (and my Dream Cotton Robe) more. My bed feels like a big hug which is what every new parent needs at the end of the day (especially in those early months!)

We've got a wonderfully busy toddler now, and there is very little time for winding down as a parent, but the little moments you do get become so special. I hope our products can offer some much needed comfort to people when they most need it.

Jo and her newborn daughter Rosie Lou at a Bedfolk shoot

What top tips could you recommend for managing a healthy work life balance?

I am a sleep evangelist – I think a good night’s sleep can impact every aspect of your life. I’m really strict on prioritising sleep and getting as much as possible (even if that’s in chunks these days), putting my phone away in the evenings, never having my laptop in the bedroom and having a wind down routine to help get from work/mum mode into ‘sleep’ mode.

For me, that’s putting some essential oils in a diffuser and reading in bed every night before I go to sleep. It’s an hour of me time that I absolute cherish and look forward to every day.

There is nothing quite like a comfortable bed when it comes to winding down, but tapping into other senses like smell can be hugely beneficial. Aromatherapy is something that our Product Lead Emma and I are exploring at the moment, so watch this space!

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