How to get stubborn wrinkles out of your bed sheets

There’s no better marker of adulthood than owning a set of crisp and smooth, percale cotton bed sheets. We share our top wrinkle-free bedding hacks that will help you to banish those pesky creases and achieve that hotel-quality bedding look in your own bedroom.

First things first, please avoid bedding that claims to be ‘non-iron’ or ‘wrinkle-free’

‘Wrinkle-free’ bedding sounds the absolute dream and that’s because it is just that; a dream. In reality, any bedding that claims to be ‘non-iron’ or ‘wrinkle-free’ most likely contains formaldehyde - a toxic chemical used in nail varnish and glue. 

Look out for the label ‘Permanent Press’ which is an indication your bedding may have been treated with formaldehyde to keep it ‘wrinkle free’.

Read on to find out how to keep your sheets looking crisp and smooth...

Percale Cotton Bedding in Pink



We get it. When the laundry basket is overflowing it can be tempting to scoop up a huge pile of dirty laundry and cram it into the washing machine. But not only will overloading the washing machine risk breaking it (sorry to state the obvious), it will also make the items inside very creased, creating more work for you when it comes to ironing. 

Treat your bed sheets with the love and care they deserve. Wash your bedding inside out and keep it separate from your other laundry, with enough room to move freely inside the machine. 

Classic Percale Cotton Bed Sheets

Love your bedding and it will love you back


When it comes to drying your crisp cotton sheets, timing is everything. Again, don’t overload the tumble dryer, as a squished ball of bedding is the perfect recipe for troublesome, hard-to-iron creases. 

Tumble your bedding on a low heat, (we recommend using our Wool Dryer Balls which will reduce drying time whilst naturally softening your bedding), and then it’s time for the important bit… Get ready to pounce and take your sheets out whilst they’re still slightly damp - you’ll thank us later. 

Classic Percale Cotton Bedding White

Classic Percale Cotton Bedding in Snow


Have a hot iron and your favourite boxset or playlist at the ready because it’s time to get steaming. Once you’ve removed your slightly damp bedding from the dryer, the trick is to iron it straight away before the creases have time to settle. For added ease and speed, fold your bedding and iron over several layers at a time. 

If ‘crisp and clean’ might as well be your bio, you’ll love our Classic Cotton collection

Percale Cotton Bedding in Grey

Classic Percale Cotton Bedding in Snow

If you prefer to spend less time ironing and more time snoozing/reading (who doesn't?) then you might want to opt for a bedding style that looks at its natural best when effortlessly crumpled. We’re talking about our Relaxed Cotton and Linen bedding which have the perfect “just woke up like this scrunch”... All you need to do is show up and wind down.

Linen Bed Sheets in Blue Linen in Ink and Rose