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Article: The Wind Down with Tejumola Adenuga

The Wind Down with Tejumola Adenuga

The Wind Down with Tejumola Adenuga

By day – and sometimes by night too – Tejumola Adenuga is an artist using intricate pen-point detail to illustrate the human form.

When he’s not creating masterpieces in his home or studio (you might have seen the beautiful and uncanny drawing he did of I May Destroy You’s Michaela Coel), he’s finding time to rest and relax through grooming, cooking and reading (he sent us the longest lie-in reading list we’ve ever seen).

From mid-work naps to why his bed is a marshmallow-like sanctuary, we spoke to Tej about slowing down and being a homebody. 

How have you found adjusting to spending more time in your space over the last few months? 

It’s come with its few hardships but it has been relatively okay. It has encouraged me to rethink the objects I have around me and the hierarchy of importance they hold in my life.

Have you created any new home rituals?

I haven’t created anything new yet but I have spent more time on my regular daily rituals and really enjoying them compared to the hurried format pre-lockdown.

How does creating artwork at home differ from being in a studio? 

I think it is more relaxing, having all your comforts around you is a vibe. Being at home also means you can have naps to recharge.

Tejumola Adenuga Bedfolk White Bed Linen

Tej sleeps in Linen in Snow


Is there a particular corner that you like to relax in at home? 

I have just moved into a new apartment, which came unfurnished so I’m still in the process of making it into a home. Currently, I would say my bed – it feels like I’m sitting on a huge marshmallow with other little marshmallows aka my pillows. It’s my refuge from the rest of the apartment.

What do you want your home to feel like and why? 

I would like it to feel like a pine cabin in the woods surrounded by a lot of nature. I think because it reminds me of growing up in Nigeria, the combination of soil, wood and leaves makes me feel right at home.

How would you spend your perfect day off at home?

It would be a combination of reading, grooming myself, cooking and taking a lot of naps. Even more perfect if I find a good television series to binge on. I have been considering getting an indoor mini golf set for a while now, it would be the cherry on top.

Are you Relaxed, Classic or Luxe and why? 

I’m a classic, I like that classics get appreciated the same way over time while the other two can be redefined repeatedly.

Tejumola Adenuga Butler archive Bedfolk Linen Snow White
Tej at home with his 'marshmallow' pillows

The Slow Down

How do you unwind from a long day of drawing?

I try not to do anything with my hands for the rest of the day, I would sleep. 

What three things do you do before you go to bed? 

Wash, tone and moisturise my face, set an alarm, pull my blackout blinds down.

What’s your trick for going to sleep? 

I think about my practice in relation to my future.

Tejumola Adenuga Bedfolk White Linen Bedding

Tej's Lie-in List 

  1. Philosophy for Every Life: An Open Self-Help Book, Zachary Augustine
  2. Little Weirds, Jenny Slate
  3. The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros
  4. The Journal of my other self, Rainer Maria Rilke
  5. The Complete Poems, Anne Sexton
  1. Lovecraft Country
  2. Da 5 Bloods
  3. The Idyll (2016)
  4. I May Destroy You
  5. She’s Gotta Have It
  1. Ansumana – Susso
  2. When It’s All Said And Done – Giveon
  3. Chasing Summer - SiR
  4. Come On Home – Lijadu Sisters
  5. At The River – Groove Armada 


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