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Article: A Cloud Of Comfort: Inside Jade’s Cosy Bedroom

A Cloud Of Comfort: Inside Jade’s Cosy Bedroom

A Cloud Of Comfort: Inside Jade’s Cosy Bedroom

We chat to Jade, an interiors content creator living in Anglesey, about her Scandi bedroom style, winding down routines and late-night house purchases. 

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Tell us a little bit about your interior style. 

I always find this question a difficult one as I love lots of different styles and enjoy fusing them together. I love the harshness of industrial, the softness and light of Scandi and mixing these together with lots of textures. I also love vintage/antique/upcycling/repurposing.  

Linen Rose Pink
Jade's dog Coco gives Bedfolk the paws up

What inspired the decor for your bedroom?

My bedroom has kind of evolved, as with most of my rooms. The biggest change in here was painting my bedroom floors last year as they were dark previously and that really gave the room a new lease of life (I was petrified though).  

Then earlier this year I added the wall panelling which has given the bed a lovely backdrop and modernised the space.

Linen Rose Pink

What feeling does your bedroom give you when you close the door? 

Comfort, calm, relaxing.

How does your bed help you to wind down? 

My bed is so comfy, no other bed compares. My favourite thing is fresh bedding (I know I am not alone). I get an excited feeling going to bed that night. Also, those are the nights I seem to sleep the best somehow. 

What are your favourite items in your bedroom and why?

I love the original little fireplace; it adds a focal/feature point (although slightly annoying for furniture placement).

How do you like to unwind before bed? 

Clean face, brush teeth, nice soft pyjamas. I am a little bit of a night owl so I go to bed far later than I should and then spend half an hour scrolling on Instagram. It is also late at night in bed that I often make housey stuff purchases.

Name three things we’ll always find on your bedside table. 

Phone charger, glass of water, freeze gel (for an old injury) 

Quickfire Questions:

Are you Relaxed, Classic, Linen or Luxe?

I am 100% linen all the way now.  I just love how crisp and clean it feels. Linen keeps me at the right temperature too.

‘My sheets make me feel…’ 

Comfy, relaxed, cool yet cosy and warm.

‘The song I fall asleep to is…’ 

No songs, I need complete silence and the quilt tucked up over my exposed ear. (I sleep on my side) 

One pillow or two? 

It was two all my life until a year ago and now it’s one. Two almost feels like I’m sitting up!


Get The Look:

Jade sleeps in Linen in Rose or Moss with The Cotton Quilt in Clay


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