New Colour Klaxon: Introducing Rust

This autumn, we’re excited to be introducing a new core colour to the Bedfolk collection. Rust is our take on the warmer side of things: a terracotta-esque shade which you've all been asking for.  

As with all of our colours, we are about longevity rather than trends, and when we introduce a colour we take time to ensure it layers well with other core Bedfolk colours. Our product team lab dipped many takes on terracotta, but the one we landed on is much more pink than orange: a soft earthy colour that is beautifully mellow and the perfect addition to our colour collection. 

Bedfolk Rust 100% Linen
Linen in Rust & Clay = the dreamiest colour combo

This deep earthy colour is hard to describe but perfectly mellow to live with. It’s uniquely Bedfolk, and layers to perfection with all our other shades. With a Mediterranean feel, it’ll adds a splash of gentle warmth to your bed (or sofa!)  

When we finally landed on Rust, we fell in love. So we’re introducing this warm, mellow shade in both our Bedding Collection and our Quilted Collection. What could be nicer than wrapping up in the warmth of Rust this Autumn? 

Silky-soft and opulent Luxe Cotton in Rust

We hope you love the new addition to our core colours. We’ve got more colours in development for 2022, which we can’t wait to share with you. As always, if you’ve got any thoughts or requests do get in touch, we love hearing from you. 

Rust is already available to buy in Relaxed Cotton and Luxe Cotton.

We'll be launching Linen in Rust and The Cotton Quilt in Rust later in October.