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Article: The Wind Down With Matthew Porter

The Wind Down With Matthew Porter

The Wind Down With Matthew Porter

What do you do out in the world?

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a Yorkshireman who has been living in London for nearly 10 years. I have a somewhat portfolio career, but currently I am a freelance Senior Project Manager specialising in contract management, procurement and creative direction.

I also dabble in content creation and enjoy curating my social media feed. In my spare time, I play clarinet in a symphony orchestra and enjoy discovering new stores, restaurants, and places around the city.

Linen Beige
Matthew at his home in London

What feeling does your home give you when you walk through your front door? 

Having spent many years living in a house share. I now always relish in the fact that when I get home, I can close the door, and know that it’s just me and my partner (and our dog!). That peace of mind and quietude is something I never take for granted.

Where in your home are we most likely to find you reading, drinking coffee and taking a moment to yourself? 

There is an inordinate number of seats in our house. Therefore, I often find myself in different spots throughout the day.

A favourite space in the house is our dining room where we have a couple of armchairs next to a very tall set of bookshelves. I love getting nestled into one of the chairs and to sit with a tea, listen to the record player and delve into a good book.

The Cotton Quilt in Ink

What are your favourite items in your home and why?

It’s difficult to put things into a “favourite” category. However, at the moment, I really am enjoying a new set of pans in the kitchen. I love to cook and try out different recipes and cooking with these is an absolute dream.

How do you like to unwind before bed? 

I’m a big classical music fan and I have a great playlist that I have created and added to over the past few years. I often play that and relax to the music with a cup of herbal tea.

What products help you to really wind down well? 

As I just mentioned, I love a night time tea. There is something quite ritualistic about making the tea, letting it stew and then sipping on it before sleep. This always helps me to wind down and feel calm on an evening.

What does your winding down uniform look like? 

I’m very much a shorts man. In fact, most of the year you will find me in shorts around the house. I have various pairs, but always love slightly oversized, good quality shorts and tees made of cotton that are soft and breathable.

Clay and Ink: the dreamiest of duos

What’s your favourite way to start the day? 

I hate to be rushed or feel like I am in a rush. I’m also very much a morning person and I often wake well before 7am.

Once I’ve taken the dog out quickly, and let the hob kettle come to boil, my favourite way to start the day is with a large cup of tea in bed, radio 3 and the promise of a great breakfast.

Matthew sleeps in Linen in Clay

It’s a Friday evening and you’ve just clocked off from a busy week. What are you cooking, drinking and doing?

I just bought a new cookery book by John and Catherine Pawson and I’m currently working my way through all the wonderful recipes in there. It’s very much my sort of food – modern European with an English twist.

As it’s Friday, you’ll find me with a great ale in hand or a very dry white wine and hopefully surrounded by friends or family.

Describe your perfect weekend. 

Saturday morning will be slow and English muffins, filled with all sorts of delicious ingredients, will be consumed.

I love to take my dog for a particularly long walk, which will hopefully involve some sort of pub stop half way round. Thankfully, there are lots of great ones not too far from us in London.

As we are all spending so much time at home at the moment, we both like to try and get out and about and see friends, eat out and just enjoy living in one of the best cities in the world.

With everything being so limited or closed the past 18 months, it’s important to make the most of the city now we can and support local businesses where possible.

Matthew’s Lie In List


Anything by Thomas Hardy


I never watch TV in bed


Radio 3 in the morning, Julianna Barwick for relaxing 

Check out:

I really love looking and shopping for new ceramics at the moment. Some great brands are aku.ceramics and Borja Moronta.


I have grand visions of doing up my own house one day, so I’m often scrolling through these accounts:

Get The Look 

Matt sleeps in Linen in Clay with The Cotton Quilt in Ink 


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