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Article: A step-by-step guide to morning facial massage

A step-by-step guide to morning facial massage
Wind Down Tips

A step-by-step guide to morning facial massage

When you sleep in cloud-like comfort, the term ‘rise and shine’ can be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Nicole Campbell-Watson from @ncwskinnutrition to bring you an invigorating morning facial massage.

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To get started...

Create a relaxing environment by putting on your cosiest layers, allowing fresh air to fill the room if possible, lighting your favourite candle and having a herbal tea at hand to sip. If you’re planning on following this whilst sitting on your bed then pop on some luxury sheets and make your bed exactly how you like it (with lots of layers). 

Using your favourite facial oil, begin by spreading the oil gently over the face. Press the oil into the skin and use any general sweeping motion. 

Step 1:

Apply a firm pressure with whole hands as you sweep from the corners of the mouth outwards to the ears x3. Repeat this same movement but from the corners of the nose, over the cheekbones and outwards towards the hairline x3.

Step 2:

Using your middle finger and index finger apply light pressure just above the eyes and below the eyebrows. Sweep towards the outer eye and then use soft circular motion at the temples x3. Repeat this below the eyes x3.

Step 3:

Using your index fingers and your middle fingers create your  ‘finger hooks’. Slot your jawline between your finger hooks, apply desired pressure, and sweep outwards from the chin all the way up towards the earlobes x 10. 

Step 4:

Using the same movement as step3 but this time concentrate on one side and use both ‘hooks’ by sweeping up with one ‘hook’ and then quickly using the other ‘hook’ x 10. Repeat on other side x10.

Step 5:

Create a curve with your index fingers, rotate your wrists inwards and press the curves of your fingers under the cheekbones (see picture for reference). Apply firm pressure and then release pressure. Repeat this x6.

Step 6:

Create the ‘gun’ shape with your index and middle finger (thumbs up) and use very quick upwards movements over the cheeks to create mini vibrations. You will alternate each hand and do this x20. Move on to the other side and repeat x20.

Step 7:

Pinch your cheeks between your index finger and your thumb. Create a sweeping pinch movement by resting thumbs against cheeking and then firmly sweeping your index finger from the out corners of your mouth toward the thumb. Pinch the skin as soon as you get to the thumb. Repeat this x8. Option to then pinch cheeks as firmly as possible and then pout with your mouth. Pout x5.

Conclude your facial massage by repeating step one, and then sweep down the sides of the neck. Place your hands, one over the other, on your heart and take a nice deep inhale through the nose and out through the mouth. 

Hopefully your face is feeling alive, and you are feeling more present and relaxed. Enjoy this ritual of winding down. NCW x

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