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Article: The Wind Down with Estée Lalonde

The Wind Down with Estée Lalonde

The Wind Down with Estée Lalonde

This weekend we’re winding down with Estée Lalonde, a Canadian who has lived in London for over 12 years and has been sharing her life online for about the same amount of time! A huge beauty lover, Estée started off sharing her favourite products on her blog and then YouTube, which then turned into her career as a content creator and entrepreneur.

Having lived with anxiety and depression for many years, Estée found that creating content online was a great way to feel connected to others. Her audience resonated with her vulnerability early on and so she felt empowered to keep sharing some of her most personal moments over the years.

More recently, Estée has launched MIRROR WATER, a brand that encourages us to connect with our minds and bodies through rituals. We sat down with Estée to talk about a love of bathing, wind-down rituals and creating an at-home sanctuary.


When the weekend finally comes, how do you recharge and reset after a busy week?

Since launching MIRROR WATER, life is so much busier than it used to be. Recharging during the weekends before my work week has become crucial. I like to take an entire morning dedicated to self-care starting with a big walk with my dog Effie. I really look forward to this time and walking acts as a form of meditation for me. After that, I do something for just me so that could be making a delicious brunch, having a hot bath, giving myself a facial or having an afternoon nap. Sometimes all of the above! 

Estée & Effie 
You’ve recently moved into a new home, what are your top three tips for creating an at home sanctuary?

1. If I want to feel relaxed in a space, scent is usually the first place I will start. Lighting my favourite candles or incense to make the house smell good can really change the atmosphere for the better.

2. Plants. Get yourself some greenery! I always feel like it makes a room feel more zen if I have living things in it!

3. Lighting makes or breaks a room for me. No one wants harsh lightening. Opt for warmer bulbs and lots of candles to create your own sanctuary.

Bath time 

Do you have a favourite space at home?

I love spending time at home so its hard to choose just one place, but of course I have to say my bathroom has to be my favourite place to spend time in. I love that I can run the bath, lock the door, forget the world and totally chill with all of my favourite products.

How has your wind down routine changed over the years (if at all)?

Yes absolutely! I don’t have as much time as I used to, so it’s definitely simplified over time and I have to consciously choose rest. I really try to shut down my devices early and spend quality time with Effie before bed. I love to read and stretch- it’s surprising how much tension we can store in our bodies.

Estée at homeEstée wears The Dream Cotton Robe in Moss

How do you find moments of calm during the working day?

I’m big on breathing although sometimes I totally forget about it. Taking a moment to slow down my breath and really focus on what I am doing always really helps me re-centre. If something is stressing me out, it’s always good to take a moment and check in with myself before reacting to the problem. Deep breath in, hold, deep breath out. Repeat.  

Do you have a wind down trend that you’re really into?

I don’t think cleaning is a wind down trend, but I am obsessed with cleaning and organising. I need to have a clean space or I can’t relax, so I love spending time cleaning my kitchen, doing the laundry, organising the cupboards etc. I find it strangely relaxing.  

Estée's Home

Do you have a favourite spot in London for a moment of calm?

This is going to sound weird but one of my favourite spots to find calm is the cemetery! My dog Effie absolutely loves it because it’s so quiet and green. You can just get lost in there for a while and feel like you’ve left London for an hour. Some of my favourites are Brockley Cemetery, Nunhead Cemetery and Abney Park Cemetery.

What book will we find currently on your night stand?

This Is How You Heal by Brianna Wiest. I love books that teach you how to think in a healthier way. I’m all about self-reflection and growth and understanding myself a bit better. 

Reading a bookEstée winds down in The Cotton Quilt in Clay

Name the one MIRROR WATER product you couldn’t live without?

Omg this is hard, it’s like choosing a favourite child! I think RUB Solid Balm is my favourite at the moment. It’s also the first product I helped to formulate. I like to keep it on my bedside table and apply it to my cuticles, elbows and feet before bed. The woody, shea fragrance calms my nerves and helps me to let go of the day. 

What does being a female founder mean to you?

I feel like it’s the embodiment of female empowerment for me. Starting a business is incredibly difficult at times, especially with the added obstacles you face as a woman. Seeing myself, and all of the other amazing founders around me working hard creating incredible women led businesses fills me with a lot of pride.

For many years I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I could take something like this on. But I’m taking each day as it comes and have all of the women who have carved the path out before me to keep inspiring me. 

What exciting things do you have planned for MIRROR WATER in 2023?

We have just launched in Liberty! Which is a total dream come true so I’m so excited to see where this partnership goes. Hopefully we can work on a new product this year and who knows what else is to come!

What's your favourite Bedfolk product?

Luxe Cotton Bedding

What’s your trick for falling asleep?

No blue light a few hours before bed!

Night own or early bird?

Early bird!

Cosy pyjamas or lots of bed layers?

Bed layers!

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