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Article: Spring Styling Tips

Spring Styling Tips

Spring Styling Tips

It’s time to open the windows and let the daylight in. Spring is all about freshening up your wind down space: whether that means injecting in some bold new colour palettes, or swapping out your chunky winter layers for some lighter linens. We spoke to Freelance Stylist and Art Director, Hattie Lowers, who shares her tips on how to style and refresh your space this season. 

We're firmly out of winter and preparing for warmer months ahead. What's your favourite way to refresh your space for Spring?

I’ve always been a big fan of the Spring clean. I like to go through my space and give away anything I no longer need or doesn’t serve a purpose in my space, it feels great to have a fresh start for the warmer months. Stylistically, however, introducing some colour into my space by swapping out cushion covers, dotting my space with statement vases and lamps, and of course refreshing my bedding always feels like the perfect way to celebrate the season.


Are there any materials or textures that you recommend going for this season?

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of linen in every season but it always feels particularly relevant for Spring and Summer. This time of year my wardrobe gets an airy update with lots of easy-to-pair low-maintenance pieces and of course, you can always find linen on my bed too!

What is your hero piece from the SS24 collection, and how will you be styling it?

The Speckled Throw! I love the heavier muslin texture and how the fabric is dotted with naturally-occurring flecks. It’ll be luxuriously draped over the end of my bed for a stylish extra layer and for when the nights have that extra chilly Spring bite to them.


How will you be styling our new SS24 colours?

Sage feels like the perfect muted tone to pair with all of the other neutral shades I have in my home. It gives Spring cheeriness but in an understated way that’s very me.

Are there any extra details that help to elevate and freshen up a space?

Curtains are a big way to brighten up a Space in warmer weather. Whilst we might want to cocoon and feel cosier in Autumn and Winter, you’ll always find white draping framing my windows in Spring. It might not give the blackout effect that’s sometimes needed at this time of year but it puts me in a good mood to see a sunny day outside when I wake up in the morning.


If you had to give one Spring Styling Rule to live by, what would it be?

Explore trying some new colours in your home that normally might be out of your comfort zone, it’ll bring a fresh perspective and make the season feel more like an occasion to look forward to.

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