Fifty Shades of Pink: Inside Negi's Rose Tinted Bedroom

We chat to Negi - a doctor and interiors enthusiast living in Birmingham - about her recent bedroom transformation, statement ceilings and the importance of a good night's sleep. 

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Tell us a little bit about your home…

We bought our 120 year old Victorian terraced house 3 years ago. It was the second house we viewed and it needed a lot of work but we fell in love with it immediately.

We put an offer down straight away and I didn’t see the house again until I moved in. I was a bit shocked when we got the keys as it needed a lot more work than I had remembered.

Bedroom Transformations with Bedfolk

How would you describe your interior style?

My interior style is somewhere between modern and classic, colourful and monochrome, and minimal and maximal! I just choose what I love and put it together and somehow it works. 

Bedfolk Relaxed Washed Percale Cotton Rose

Negi sleeps in Relaxed Cotton in Rose

Did you have a budget in mind when planning your bedroom transformation?

I was on a strict budget as the room had already been refurbished in the past. I did all of the work myself and the overall spend was less than £200.

A 'before' picture of Negi's bedroom

How did you choose a colour scheme?

The room is north facing and does not get a lot of natural light for most of the day. Therefore I chose a soft, light and warm colour scheme using beige tones and pinks.

What inspired the statement ceiling in your bedroom?

I knew I wanted to add the "wow” factor somehow and I have never been a huge fan of feature walls, so I thought why not try a feature ceiling? It draws the eyes up and makes the room feel so warm and luxurious.

Bedfolk Relaxed Washed Percale Cotton Rose

Negi painted her wadrobes in 'Blackjack' by Frenchic Paint

Where did you find the furniture that you have upcycled?

I find most of my vintage pieces on Facebook marketplace, you can find some real bargains on there.

What’s important to you when getting a good night’s sleep?

I need to have a soft and warm environment, total darkness and silence. I absolutely love my bedding from Bedfolk (Negi sleeps in Relaxed Cotton in Rose).

I was so impressed with the look and quality. It’s super soft and comfortable to sleep on and always guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Bedfolk Relaxed Washed Percale Cotton Rose

What’s your winding down ritual? 

My work involves a lot of standing and walking so I try to do a short yoga session in the evening for relaxation. After, I love having a hot shower or a bath. It's so relaxing and always makes me feel ready to hop into bed. 

Do you have a night time routine? 

I always wash my face, then apply a face oil followed by a really moisturising night cream. I then either listen to a podcast or read my book until I drift off to sleep.

Bedfolk Relaxed Cotton in Rose Washed Percale Bedding

Are there any other transformation projects in the pipeline?

My next project will be the spare bedroom/ home office, and then the hallway. After that the house will be finished (hopefully...).

Bedfolk Relaxed Cotton in Rose Washed Percale Bedding

Negi sleeps in Relaxed Cotton Bedding in Rose. Shop the look.