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Article: Duvets & Pillows | Q&A with the Product Team

Duvets & Pillows | Q&A with the Product Team
Bedfolk News

Duvets & Pillows | Q&A with the Product Team

Want to find out more about our Duvet & Pillow collection? Have a read of our Q&A with the product team.

What should I do with my duvet / pillows when they arrive?

We recommend allowing them to air / rest in a warm place for 24 hours. This will allow the filling to ‘re-loft’ and return to its soft and fluffy best before use. 

What is fill power?

Fill power applies to down products and is essentially a measure of the loft or ‘fluffiness’ of the fill. The higher the fill power, the larger the down clusters – this is key to the quality / plumpness of the product.

A fill power of 750 (our 100% Down Duvet / Pillows) is considered extremely high and means the duvet / pillow will retain its loft and plumpness for a long time, trapping more air and giving an incredibly warm but lightweight product.

What is the best way to wash my duvet / pillows?

  • Avoid washing as much as possible – simply airing / ventilating your duvet ensures that it smells pleasant, stays clean and maintains its fill power. Do this in dry weather, without exposing it to direct sunlight.
  • It is also worth regularly flipping your duvet – it is not dissimilar to a mattress in that it will last longer if rotated on a regular basis.
  • When washing, we recommend professional laundering on all our filled products, as both the washing machine and tumble dryer should have 50% empty capacity to allow them to re-loft. Using professional machines means having the size / capacity to keep the fills in optimal condition long term.
  • Don’t ever use a ‘fast wash’ – these are typically very high temperature and can damage / melt the filling. 
Super-soft, rustle-free and fluffed-to-the-max

Which fill should I choose?

This is entirely down to personal preference.

Our natural fills are popular as they are breathable, cloud-like and long-lasting (with the added benefit of being fully hypoallergenic due to their NOMITE and Downafresh certifications).

Our ‘down alternative’ fill is a more affordable alternative to the natural fills, and an eco-fill as it is made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s the perfect option for those who don’t want to use animal products.

Find out more about our fills here. 


Are your natural-fill products ethically sourced?

Yes, animal welfare is highly important to us and was a huge factor in choosing the partners to make our products. Our manufacturing partner is based in the UK and is a member of the European Down and Feather Association. This means that our natural fills are either a responsibly sourced by-product of the food industry (in the case of our 100% Down products) or made from 100% recycled down (in the case of our Recycled Down products).

What’s the difference between feather and down? Why do you exclusively use down?

Feather is a cheaper alternative to down, and 100% down product are much less common than feather-mixes (often a product described as ‘down’ will contain a component of feather). Our collection offers 100% down products – they’re lofty, light and there is nothing quite as luxurious or comfortable as pure down.

Down clusters are much lighter than feathers and yet they deliver the same level of warmth – meaning you get a comfortable, lightweight but lofty duvet / pillow that drapes around you / you truly sink into. It’s the ultimate cloud-like sleep experience.

Why have you chosen Duck down instead of Goose Down?

Duck down often gets overlooked in favour of the well-known Hungarian or Siberian Goose Down. Our product team tried them all and found minimal difference in terms of feel / fluffiness / loftiness / quality – but a huge difference in cost.

Manufacturers often get round the expense of these premium fills by mixing down with feather, but having tried 100% down, we knew it was the best and the option we were committed to offering our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen two 100% down options for you. 

Soft-as-a-cloud duvets and pillows for a dreamy night’s sleep

What is a baffle wall casing?

When it comes to duvets, the quality of the fill is incredibly important, but so is the quality of the casing. We exclusively use a baffle wall construction, which means your duvet will last a lot longer and the filling will stay in place.

A baffle box construction is where the casing is made from stitched pockets, which is stuffed with a uniform amount of down. Our pockets are roughly 2/3 of the size of the average pockets (more pockets = higher quality case and better sleep experience as the duvet has a more even drape and snuggles around the body more easily).

Ready to sleep in your own cloud of comfort? The Duvet & Pillow collection is launching in October 2021.

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