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Article: Behind The Design | Duvets & Pillows

Behind The Design | Duvets & Pillows
Bedfolk News

Behind The Design | Duvets & Pillows

When it comes to creating the ultimate cloud-like bed, there are two essentials: super soft and natural bed linen, and fluffy cloud-like duvets and pillows. Once we were pretty sure we had nailed the former, we started developing the latter, and we’re so excited to launch our Duvet & Pillow collection later this month.

Our design team are always on the hunt for the best of the best when it comes to makers, and for our duvets and pillows, that means the UK. We’re proud to make our collection in the heart of Scotland, partnering with a family-owned manufacturer who specialist in premium quality fills.

100% Duck Down Duvet
Our Glenrothes Factory in Scotland

When designing our collections, our ethos is always: ‘everything you need, nothing you don’t’. We were on a mission to find the best fill on the market for duvets and pillows, and then offer that to you. None of the confusion, none of the bloated product ranges, just a simple collection of the very best.

Turns out, if you’re looking for your bed to feel like a cloud of comfort (and who isn’t), then the ideal fill is 100% down. Trust us, we tried all the options! It’s lightweight but warm, wonderfully soft, and much lighter than the more commonly used feather duvets (whilst still being warm and cosy). It’s the ultimate sleep experience. With this in mind, we developed our 3 fill options around the feeling of pure down, with the perfect fill for every kind of sleeper; 100% Down, Recycled Down and Down Alternative.

L-R: 100% Down | Recycled Down | Down Alternative

The Lowdown on Down

100% Down

Light and beautifully lofty, this is the ultimate in luxury. Generously filled with the highest quality pure down clusters to create the softest and fluffiest duvet and pillows you’ll ever sleep in. With an extremely high fill power of 750+ this fill is one of the best fills you can buy and feels incredibly light and warm at the same time (it has zero feather content and is made of pure down clusters). The ultimate choice for those who want the very best.

A note on our 100% down products: Our suppliers are proud members of EDFA (European Duck and Feather Association), meaning our natural fills are responsibly sourced, traceable, and meet the highest welfare standards. In terms of our 100% down, that means sourcing from accredited sourced in Europe, whereby the fill is a by-product of the food industry.

Recycled Down

The ultimate in sustainable comfort, our recycled down fill is extracted from luxury apparel and regenerated through an innovative process that avoids the use of environmentally harmful products. It has all the luxury characteristics of down – light, lofty, warm, fluffy and soft – with the added benefits of being part of the circular economy. Our recycled down has gone through a rigorous sorting / cleaning process, so it’s as soft, lofty and clean as pure down.

‘Down Alternative’

This down-like fill is made from 100% recycled materials (mostly plastic bottles!) It’s been designed to mimic the light, lofty and super-soft feel of down. Easily re-fluffable and gloriously cuddly, our Down Alternative fill is both hypoallergenic and odourless. Perfect for anyone who loves a soft, lightweight, and cuddly duvet but prefers an alternative to natural products.

Happiest when making a duvet fort

The details make the difference

Premium fills are the most important factor in creating a beautifully cloud-like sleep experience, but there are other elements that make our duvets and pillows extra special.


We exclusively use 100% cotton sateen casings with piped edges. We chose to invest in these indulgent casings as not only does the tight weave mean all our products are suitable for dust allergy sufferers (we’re NOMITE certified), but the smoothness of the sateen weave means no ‘rustling’ – our duvets and pillows are ‘quiet’ for a super-restful sleep.

With our duvets we also added extra pocketing (our pockets are roughly 2/3 of the size of average). More pockets means a higher quality case and a better sleep experience as the duvet has an even drape and snuggles around the body more easily.

Duvet Details

Anyone else find togs confusing? After much testing and research, we realised three was the magic number when it came to togs: a lightweight duvet (4.5 tog) which suits warm sleepers (or sunny summer days), a midweight duvet (10.5 tog) which offers all-season comfort, and a super-cosy duvet (13.5 tog) which suits cooler sleepers or chilly winter nights.

Pillow Perfection

Our Standard, King and Square pillows are all available in ‘Soft / Medium’ and ‘Medium / Firm’. The firmness is down to personal preference, but we’ve found a good rule of thumb is:

Back sleepers – Soft / Medium

Side sleepers – Medium / Firm

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