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Article: Behind The Design: Scents

Behind The Design: Scents
Bedfolk News

Behind The Design: Scents

So far, everything for us has centred around the sense of touch ­– from the softest bedding to the squishiest layers, all designed to help you wind down well. But we’re not stopping there. Introducing: The Scent Collection, showing you what relaxation smells like.  

Is there anything that signals the moment to wind down more than the comforting, flickering flame of a cosy Candle? We don’t think you can beat it. Or the soothing scent of a delicious Pillow Spray – elevating your favourite sheets to new levels of luxury and welcoming you to bed. The perfect gift for comfort addicts (especially if that someone is yourself), our new scents are available in two fragrances.

“As an aromatherapy addict, Bedfolk Candles and Pillow Sprays are a dream come true.” Jo James, Bedfolk Founder and Creative Director shares. “The unique mix of essential oils have been carefully blended to create a moment of 'Comfort' or 'Calm' in your day.”

Bedfolk Candles


We’ve spent (literally) years perfecting The Bedfolk Candle.  Adding ambience with the light, warmth and fragrance of a candle is so important to our wind down rituals, and so we knew they had to be perfect (much like how we feel about any new product we launch).

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to craft two luxurious candles, hand-poured in the UK by a bespoke perfuma – scented with a unique blend of essential oils and crafted with 100% natural wax, with a burn time of approximately 50-55 hours. Every detail has been meticulously considered: they’re housed in a luxurious ceramic vessel, and beautifully packaged in a printed box that uses a low-energy ‘LED’ drying presses, which consume around 30% less energy than a conventional or waterless litho press.

Alongside the use of Carbon Balanced Paper, it is produced by a Carbon Balanced Printer – a printer that has measured and balanced the annual impacts of its fossil fuels, transportation and electricity consumption.

Pillow Spray

Sleep Spray

The Candles are perfectly paired with The Pillow Sprays, crafted with matching scents to complete your wind down and let you sink into sleep. Scented with high-quality essential oils and made in the UK by a bespoke perfuma, The Pillow Sprays are the *ultimate* sleep companions (and we’re very serious about sleep). Spritz The Pillow Spray onto your luxurious bedding, draw the curtains and get ready for your best night’s sleep. This is what dreams are made of…

Comfort and Calm

Emma Fung, Bedfolk’s Product Lead, shared her insight into the conceptualisation of the fragrances: “When developing our signature scents, we wanted to encapsulate the sensation of being transported to a feeling, a memory, an emotion. Just like how listening to a song rewinds you straight back to that summer of memories, that feeling of contentment and serenity. I’ll be using our scents as the ‘soundtrack’ to my winter. The fresh notes of Calm to welcome me home from the cold outdoors and the creaminess of Comfort to relax me in the evening. Absolute bliss.”

Calm Candle

Calm is grounding, soothing and luxurious. This woody but fresh blend of essential oils is the antidote to stress. It’s scented with a soothing and peace-inducing blend of Clary Sage, Rose & Cedarwood for an oasis of tranquillity.  Light this candle whenever you feel the need to breathe in some peace and relaxation and let today's worries float away. “I'll be lighting my 'Calm' candle on my desk every day and using it as a reminder to take a deep breath and feel more mindful during my working day,” says Jo.

Comfort Candle & Pillow Spray

Comfort is a scent to unwind to. Scented with Italian Neroli, our signature Comfort scent is a delicious harmony of floral and citrus, featuring a bespoke blend of Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin zest with aromatic Rosemary, and resting upon a gentle musky base.

Jo says: “'Comfort' for me is the perfect wind down scent, which I'll be lighting post-work and post-toddler-bedtime-routine, signalling the part of my day that is dedicated to slowing down.”

Run a bath, read a book, and let our Comfort scent help you wind down well.

Discover our new Scent Collection.

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