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Article: The Wind Down With Toby

The Wind Down With Toby

The Wind Down With Toby

What would be your dream home? For many, a chocolate box cottage with exposed brick, cosy nooks aplenty and a roaring log burner would tick all of the boxes. 

That’s why we were excited when interiors enthusiast Toby, invited us for a tour around his own characterful cottage near Bath. 

This weekend we’re hopping into bed with Toby to talk about winding down routines, long drinks and what his perfect weekend looks like. 

Describe your interior style. 

My style is quite neutral, with a very homely, lived-in country feel. I prefer traditional design, although love some contrasting modern accents. 

I love light and bright interiors, as well as some darker, moodier spaces… Basically anything goes!

Toby's beautiful country style kitchen

What is your favourite room in your house and why? 

My favourite room is our bedroom. I designed this using a very ‘me’ palette – A pale blue, with rich moss woodwork/panelling. 

There are raw wood and black accents with some gold details. It feels authentically ‘us’ and still a little unique. 

linen bedding ink blue bedfolk
Toby sleeps in Linen in Ink with the Linen & Cotton Throw in Clay

What feeling does your home give you when you walk through your front door? 

I adore fragrance, and so I like to think there’s a very soft and warm scent throughout the house. This, along with the general style, I think gives a feeling of comfort and calm (although with a little bit of styling clutter, too, of course)! 

Where in your home are we most likely to find you reading, drinking coffee and taking a moment to yourself? 

Anywhere – I love to create little nooks of cosiness – basically in the corner of every room! Having a small (and quirky) home, means we’ve really played with zoning each space. 

I particularly love sitting in the armchair in our dining area – the lighting is very soothing after a long day.

What products help you to really wind down well? 

Pillow mist is a must for me – I love it! Also, linen throws always help a space to feel cosy, and they’re perfect to snuggle up with throughout the whole year.

How do you like to unwind before bed? 

I have a very long wind-down process… Starting with a bath, skincare ritual, and PJ’s, and then usually some reading or TV time with my dog, Ziggy. 

Toby and Ziggy

Describe your perfect weekend. 

Long walks, longer drinks and lots of homeware shopping.

What’s your favourite way to start the day? 

A dog walk or a run, followed by a smoothie and bagel – yum! 

Quickfire Questions:

Are you Relaxed, Classic, Linen or Luxe? 

I’d say somewhere between Linen and Relaxed… I love things to look lived-in, and I’m learning how important this is – as you do actually have to live in your home.

What three things do you do before you go to bed? 

Kiss Ziggy Goodnight, Set my alarm, and scroll through Instagram – a habit I must kick.

What’s your trick for going to sleep? 

Pillow mist is a life-saver – if not, a glass of wine always helps! 

‘My sheets make me feel…’ 

Safe, and supported. 

‘The song I fall asleep to is…’ 

Your Song, Elton John – every time.

One pillow or two? 

4?! I sleep on two, and then like a couple of extras just in case! 

Linen Bedding Ink Blue Bedfolk

Toby’s Lie In List:


Anything recommended by Dolly Alderton – her own book ‘Everything I know about love’, is incredible.


I love a hearty Romcom… Notting Hill, The Holiday, Pretty Woman – if it was made in the 90’s, even better.


I love listening to calm jazz playlists, or Elton John. For podcasts, I like to laugh – Dear Joan & Jericha ticks that box.

Check out:

@TheMuseeHome, @Aurorahome.england (a new, but exciting brand), @myrtlemeefloristbath, @houseofbrissi – to name a few!


Too many to name… A few are @Monalogue, @VivienneCutler, @houseofbryony and @thegoodquote (always picks me up a little).

Linen Bedding Ink Blue Bedfolk

Featured products: Linen Bedding Bundle in Ink & The Linen & Cotton Throw in Clay


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