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Article: The Wind Down With The Villers Family

The Wind Down With The Villers Family

The Wind Down With The Villers Family

We like to think of the weekend as a time for not setting the alarm, tea and toast in bed, and finishing the last chapter of a really good book. But, as many families with children know too well, stealing a lie in can often feel like an almost impossible task.
We chat to interiors blogger and mother-of-three Kerry Villers about bedtime routines, how her family likes to wind down, and what her perfect weekend looks like.

Kerry Villers Bedfolk
Kerry and her family

Describe the feeling you have when you walk through the front door after a busy week.

It’s just like one long “ahh” feeling. I feel like my shoulders drop and I just start to feel more relaxed, as soon as I close the door behind me.

What does your ‘work from home’ space look like and how do you separate it from the rest of the house?

We currently don’t have a work from home space. My husband and I hop between working in the living and dining room, dependant on our mood. It can be a bit of a nightmare at meal times when we come to dish up and realise the dining table is covered in laptops and paperwork.
We do have plans for a work from home space in the new year though. We’re extending across the back of the house, to create a larger kitchen and dining area, which will mean our current dining room can then become a work from home space/snug.  

Who is the biggest homebody in the family?

That’d be me! I think it’s fair to say that I’m a bit of an introvert and I love being home.

What makes you feel most at home?

I’m massively into vintage and antique furniture. I love the character and sense of history that older furniture brings. I also think it’s a brilliant way of creating a beautiful and unique home on a modest budget.
I also love scented candles and if I had to choose my favourite way to scent my home, it would be oud. I love the warm and spicy scents and how the smell travels around the whole house.

How do you like to relax as a family?

We love walking which has come in very handy over the past year. We’re lucky to live near to some lovely walks as places like Broadway Tower and Lower Slaughter are only a short drive away.
If we walk in the morning, we often come home to a full cooked breakfast, which makes my children very happy.

Does your family have a bedtime routine and what does it look like?

Since having children the window for quiet ‘grown up’ time has all but vanished. There are upsides to this though. It’s lovely spending weekend evenings watching films with my children. We love lighting the fire and settling down with snacks and blankets. It feels really cosy.
When it comes to finally getting into bed, I have a bit of an addiction to pillow sprays. I love settling into nice smelling pillows, it feels really relaxing.

Kerry Villers Bedfolk

We love how you’ve designed your youngest daughter Elodie’s bedroom. What was the inspiration behind it?

As Elodie is still quite young I knew I wanted to use a bold colour to make it feel like a fun space to play in. I chose Cinder Rose by Farrow and Ball and painted the colour around the bottom half of the bedroom.
As I mentioned before, I love vintage furniture, so she has a few older pieces in her room. Her wardrobe was left here by the previous owner and I bought her Georgian chest of drawers from a house clearance shop in our local town. Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and house clearance shops are my favourite places to buy furniture.

Bedfolk Relaxed Percale Cotton in Rose Pink
Elodie's bedroom featuring Relaxed Cotton in Rose

Getting plenty of rest can be a struggle when you’ve got children. Do you manage to steal the occasional lie in and how do you like to spend that extra time in bed?

Now our children are getting older, we find it much easier to steal a lie in here and there. I like to think my children are independent. They will happily come downstairs and make a bowl of cereal for themselves in the morning. It’s usually when the bickering begins, that we know we’ve pushed our lie in luck a little too far.

Bedfolk Linen Bedding Moss Green
Linen in Moss proves to be a big hit with Kerry's family

Which corner of your home are we most likely to find you reading books, drinking tea and having a moment to yourself?

I tend to read in bed, once the children are asleep. There’s absolutely no chance of a book getting a look in at any other time when my children are home. My youngest, in particular, is a total chatterbox, so you’re lucky if you get a moment to think straight, let alone read!

Bedfolk Linen Bedding Moss Green
Kerry's dream bedroom featuring Linen in Moss

What does the perfect weekend look like to you?

My perfect weekend would look like a lie in, followed by a really long walk, a cooked breakfast and a family film day. That’s pretty much my idea of heaven to be honest.

Quickfire Questions:

My bed sheets make me feel… cocooned

The song I fall asleep to is… The Gritterman

The first thing I do when I wake up is… take my vitamins

My favourite breakfast is… toast

Bedfolk Percale Cotton Rose Pink

Kerry’s Lie In List


The books I’ve been enjoying in lockdown are The Cows, The Flat Share and The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary 


We recently watched The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, loved it! The series we’ve enjoyed recently are Afterlife, This is Us, Last Tango in Halifax, Life and Dead to Me.


I just love listening to music and sing along loudly and badly, I hate to think what my neighbours must think! I love music by Willie J Healey, Liz Lawrence, The Big Moon, Bombay Bicycle Cub and Whenyoung.


My favourite interiors and lifestyle accounts on Instagram are @kerrylockwood, I just love her style, @carasuthers, because she’s funny and genuine, and @houseofbeau13 because her home is utterly beautiful. Oh and @elle_the_home_bird too. She writes great captions and her home is just stunning.


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Featured products: Linen in Moss and Relaxed Cotton in Rose


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