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Article: The Wind Down With Ana Kerin

The Wind Down With Ana Kerin

The Wind Down With Ana Kerin

With all the staying at home this year, you might have been inspecting every corner, nook and empty space of your house. For founder of ceramic studio Kana London, Ana Kerin, it sparked inspiration for a community initiative to help people work with clay themselves, and make plates, bowls and mugs at home. 

We caught up with Ana – ahead of Lockdown 2.0 – to chat about her favourite spots in her flat, slowing down after a day at the studio, and keeping work and home separate. 

What is your studio like compared with your home? How are they similar or different in terms of style, feeling, mood? 

I think they are kind of similar. I have a lot of inspiration objects in both of them.
They need to feel comfortable, and have to be in some sort of order. Colours are very important. 

My studio especially has to be always tidy or I can't work. I wish my studio would have enough space for a sofa,  bookshelves, a study or a reading corner. I’m trying to figure out how to make it work...

Ana Kana
Ceramicist Ana at her studio in East London

We love your ceramics and can just imagine a flat adorned with all your wonderful pieces – do you enjoy bringing your work into your home or do you like to keep it quite separate? 

I quite like to keep them separate. It's only been over the last couple of years that I’ve brought my own work home – to either test it or to photograph them too. But mostly I find it hard as I would feel almost stressed judging my work.

But I love getting work from other artists or designers I’m inspired by or designers. It’s a bit like fun research.

You create lots of different ceramics for the home – salt pots, coffee mugs, breakfast bowls. How do you want someone to feel when they are using one of your pieces at home? 

I make objects to elevate everyday life experiences. The aim for Kana was to play with the blurred lines between artefacts and functional design/objects and creating things that you will want to hold on to and then pass down. It’s about mindful consumerism.

What are some of your favourite areas/elements of your home and why? 

My drawer of herbs and spices in the kitchen full of memories of flavours and travels. The artwork I've been slowly collecting or swapping with friends and other artists and designers. 

My armchair is my favourite wind-down spot in my home. It's by the big windows in the living room and it has a great view. It's a very calming corner next to a jungle of plants. It's where I go to think.

What are three things that you have in your bedroom that feel like home?

Cosy duvet (Ana sleeps in Classic Cotton in Snow). Journal. Tarot cards.

Bedfolk Classic Percale Cotton in White
Ana sleeps in Classic Cotton in Snow

What’s on your nightstand? 

CBD oil drops, crystals, a lamp, a frame with my friend’s artwork and a portrait of me when I was 5 years old. A Kana ceramic jar with coconut oil for body moisturising, and usually an old cup of coffee.

Do you have an unwinding ritual, or something that always helps you relax? 

A hot shower and some hot body oil, a pot of Herbal tea, going offline and an early bedtime. That’s what my exciting 30’s are all about! There is no better way to reset than with an early night.

I used to work late to try to ‘save the day’, now going to bed is the most productive thing for me. On the contrary, when I’m working on creative things I do like to work late, then I unwind with a cosy bedtime and writing in my journal.

It’s a Friday night in, what are you doing to chill out? 

Most likely cooking something exciting that takes too much time for a weekday evening. Listening to loud music and dancing around the living room or making my boyfriend play cards with me. And the ultimate dream… Going to bed VERY EARLY.

Ana Kana
East London ceramicist Ana Kerin

Ana's Lie In List

  • Company Of One – for rethinking how you work and live.
  • Apartamento  – for new perspectives through interviews never disappoints.
  • Nils Frahm
  • Gogo Penguin
  • Grandbrothers 
  • Anything choreographed by Pina Bauch
  • Anything by Pedro Amoldovar 



@lardolondon – for the best gluten free pizza

Visit Kana London here. 

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