The Ultimate Bed Sheet Sizes Chart & Buying Guide

You order some new bed linen online and excitedly await delivery, only to make the bed and find out you’ve bought the wrong size. Sound familiar? It’s easily done, especially when there are so many different bed sizes out there.

That’s why we’ve put together the all-in-one bed linen size chart to help make your shopping experience that bit easier.

Bed Sheet Sizes Chart

Bed Size
Duvet Covers
Flat Sheets
Fitted Sheets
Deep Fitted Sheets
135 x 200cm
180 x 260cm
90 x 190cm
(31cm deep)
90 x 190cm
(36cm deep)
200 x 200cm
230 x 260cm
135 x 190cm
(31cm deep)
135 x 190cm
(36cm deep)
225 x 220cm
275 x 275cm
150 x 200cm
(31cm deep)
150 x 200cm
(36cm deep)
Super King
260 x 220cm
 305 x 275cm
180 x 200cm
(31cm deep)
180 x 200cm
(36cm deep)

What are the different bed sizes?

The four main bed sizes are single, double, king and super king. There is a size even bigger than the super king which is emperor, but it’s not a size you’d find very often.

A standard double is the most common bed size which makes finding sheets and duvets really easy. So, you’ll never be short on choice when it comes to materials, thicknesses and styles. Your luxury bed sheets are right at your fingertips.

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What are the dimensions of a king-sized bed sheet?

King-sized bed sheets are 150 x 200cm and duvets covers are 225 x 220cm.

Get the most out of your side of the bed by upgrading to a king-size. The best bit about this slightly larger bed is the extra wiggle room. So, if you feel a bit cramped at night when sharing a bed, a king-sized mattress will change all of that.

No room for a king? No worries. You best believe you could opt for a king-sized duvet on a double bed if you wanted to. That way, there’s less silent fights in the middle of the night to win back your share of the duvet. 

When it comes to fitted sheets however, there’s no mixing and matching. There’s nothing worse than a sheet that’s either too small or too big – especially if it’s fitted. No one wants their sheets to spring off in the middle of the night. 

So, don’t try and skip any corners – literally. 

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What is a double bed sheet size?

Double sized bed sheets are 135 x 190cm and duvet covers are 200 x 200cm.

Ah, the most common bed size, the double. The great thing about a double is there are endless choices in terms of sheets and duvet covers. Finding a set of sheets for your double bed should be easy and you won’t find many limits in terms of styles and materials.

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What is the standard size of a single bed sheet?

Single sized bed sheets are 90 x 190cm and duvet covers are 135 x 200cm.

The single bed is the perfect option for little ones or if you’re really short on space. It also makes a great guest bed in your spare room. Single beds are just as popular as doubles, so you’ll find just as much choice and variation. 

Shopping for bed sheets doesn’t need to be a hassle. Now you know the different bed sizes, you won’t ever have to deal with the hassle of returning the wrong sized sheets ever again.

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