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Article: The Homing Call: The One About Books

The Homing Call: The One About Books
Wind Down Tips

The Homing Call: The One About Books

We've got a new Saturday morning ritual for you. Wake up (at whatever time), roll over and read The Homing Call.

It's an exploration of all the things that call our bedfolk home - from novels and DIY to romcoms and wine. Sure, we've spent many hours at home this year, which means we've had even more time to reflect on our creature comforts.

Each week we'll explore a new home pastime worth staying in for - with interviews, lie-in lists and more. Think of it as another excuse to stay in bed ten minutes longer, not that you need one.


The Homing Call: The One About Books

I don’t know about you, but isolation rekindled our love of reading.

We found we could travel anywhere – to Dublin with Sally Rooney, to India with Arundhati Roy – and experience things through characters we’d come to love (special shout out to Marianne and Connell on that one). On realising we could spend all Saturday reading we thought “why don’t we do this more?”

This newsletter is your reminder to do so and a reading list to get you started. 

Words To Wake Up To

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.” Lena Dunham

The Comfort Zone

You’re just one click away from another comfortable five minutes in bed…

There’s no replacement for a well-thumbed book (sorry, Netflix) but points to New York Public Library who have combined our first love, books, with our second love, aimlessly scrolling on Instagram. 

They’ve recreated cult classics like Alice in Wonderland into digitised Insta Novels on highlights. So instead of scrolling through avocado toast and dogs (also important) you can dive into Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, adapted and shortened. 


The Lie In List 


Rainbow Milk by Paul Mendez 


Good Books: Our Favourite Modern House Libraries 


Normal People on BBC iPlayer


A Good Read: Dolly Alderton Talks Favourite Books 


Modern Love – The New York Times


Loud Black Girls by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené

Check Out:

Emma Gannon’s Book Club 


As an assistant editor for Ebury Publishing and founder of Into The Fold magazine, it’s safe to say that Camilla Ackley spends her life surrounded by words.

With a lot of time spent at home (like the rest of us), she’s been digging into more books than you can shake a bedsheet at. We chatted to Camilla last week.

"There’s a book for everything, and I think that’s such a beautiful and unique aspect to reading. There is fiction to escape reality, books to broaden your horizons and teach you new things. There are books that take you somewhere else, books that remind you of home and the people you love.

I read for so many different reasons and what I’m reading always reflects my mood. It’s personal, the books you love and surround yourself with. There’s an unparalleled comfort for me when I find a good book - even if it’s challenging, or not even a comfortable narrative. Good writing is soothing."

Grab a cuppa and click here for the full interview

Felicity Quilt  

Before Instagram, before therapy, before we looked for answers in astrology apps, there was Felicity Quilt – Bedfolk’s resident agony aunt. She’s a pedant for clean rooms, made beds and no nonsense between the sheets. Each week she’ll be the F.Q. to your FAQs.  

Dear Felicity Quilt,  

My partner and I have very different sleeping schedules (I like to read before bed and they like to watch Netflix). How can I kindly explain that my reading habit is more intellectually beneficial and therefore takes precedence? 


Bookish Babe  


Dear Bookish Babe, 

Look, we can’t all be literary fiends between the sheets. Bedfolk come in all shapes and sizes. Invest in a book lamp and buy your partner some earpods so they can watch the last episode of Killing Eve in peace. 

Felicity Quilt x


 Questions? As always, our team of comfort addicts are always available, and love to hear from you. 



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