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Article: The Bedfolk Team's Twixmas Book Guide

The Bedfolk Team's Twixmas Book Guide
Wind Down Tips

The Bedfolk Team's Twixmas Book Guide

Twixmas derives from the old English phrase ‘betwixt’ which means ‘between’. Those lazy days between Christmas and New Year when outfit changes involve getting into a clean set of PJs, breakfast, lunch and dinner merge into one sizeable feast of festive leftovers, and you've got a bit of extra down time to start on those books that have been sat on your shelf all year.

If you're not sure where to start and looking for some inspiration, the Bedfolk team share how they plan to wind down and what they'll be reading before the start of the new year. 

Living Ayurveda

Living Ayurveda by Claire Ragozzino

I'll be enjoying some slow moments over Twixmas, reading the lovely recipes and rituals in 'Living Ayurveda', whilst wrapped in a Dream Cotton Throw. I'll also be enjoying some Christmas movie days with my little girl, a great excuse to stay in The Housecoat and my Cashmere Socks all day!

Jo – Co-Founder & Creative Director


Children of Virtue and Vegeance' By Tomi Adeuemi

Children of Virtue and Vegeance' By Tomi Adeuemi

This fantasy novel is based on African lore, and though aimed at a younger audience, it makes for an easy comfort read. I am also slowly making my way through 'The Silk Roads' By Peter Frankopan, which is a full brief history of the world and the movement of power across the globe – I'd really recommend it if you're interested in history.

I'll love reading in the bath, so I'll take this opportunity to run myself an extra luxurious one – bath salts and Candle on, maybe a glass of wine if I'm going all out!! I'll also keep to my regular routine and will read before bed as part of my evening wind down after journaling my day. Cosied up with a hot water bottle, it's the best way to switch off for a restful sleep.

Zoe – Product Assistant  


tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

I'll be reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. I have a back catalogue of books waiting on my bookshelf and this is next on the list, have heard rave things about it! 

I'll be winding down with my Dream Cotton Quilted Squares and Reversible Dream Cotton Throw...They'll be following me around the house from the bedroom to living room during my food coma. 

Emma – Product Development Lead


Winter Story

Winter Story by Jill Barklem 

I’ll be reading Winter Story to my one-year-old – it’s also one I remember from my childhood, so it’s a favourite at Christmas! I’ve got several books built up on my nightstand, so I’m glad to be having a bit of extra wind down time this Christmas to finally break into them: 'If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair' by Anya Hindmarch, 'How To Fail' by Elizabeth Day and 'The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read' by Philippa Perry. 

I’ll spend a lot of time in my Linen Pyjamas having slow days with family, watching lots of films and cosying up by the fire under The Cotton Quilt, before having lots of early and peaceful nights in my 100% Down Duvet (if my toddler allows it)!

Holly, Brand Lead

The Power Within You

The Power Within You Now!

I’ll be opting for an audiobook this Twixmas. 'The Power Within You Now' by Sue Stone is an easy-to-follow life guide on life, combining ancient wisdom, spirituality, science and the material worlds. It's the perfect thing to listen to and reflect on as the year draws to a close. 

Caroline, Returns & QC Manager



Little Women

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 

This Christmas, I’m finally getting around to reading 'Little Women', which has been on my list for years, but especially since I watched Greta Gerwig’s adaptation a few years ago. The story is also bookended with Christmas celebrations, so it’s the perfect cosy read for the festive season.

I’m looking forward to many a pyjama day post-party season, taking some downtime with my Kindle in front of the fire. Although I’ll be visiting family abroad, extra space in my luggage for my Linen Pyjamas,  Cashmere Socks and Dream Cotton Robe was non-negotiable.

Zuzanna, Content Manager


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