Giving Back This January | Shelter

Instead of the traditional January sales, this month we are proudly support Shelter - the national housing and homeless charity. Shelter exist so that no one has to face homelessness alone. Through advice, support and legal services, the charity give millions of people the help they need to get back on their feet.

We will be donating £5 for every Bedding Bundle sold in January, because we believe everyone deserves a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

Shelter do incredible work helping people struggling with homelessness and bad housing all year round, but the impact of these issues is exacerbated during these cold winter months.

We spend a third of our life in bed, however a good nights sleep in safe surroundings is something most of us often take for granted. Rough sleeping is just the tip of an iceberg and it is easy to forget about the invisible or hidden homeless including people sofa-surfing and living in hostels.

The UK has seen a sharp rise in homelessness and the latest figures serve as a stark reminder of the need for urgency. Shelter research shows that 4,751 people slept on the streets on a typical night in 2017 and that nearly 80,000 households live in temporary accommodation.

Find out more about the amazing work Shelter do here