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Article: Layering 101: How to layer your bed like a pro

Layering 101: How to layer your bed like a pro
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Layering 101: How to layer your bed like a pro

Want to know how to make your bed look and feel like a cloud of comfort? It’s all about layering. Our co-founder Jo talks us through how to create that I-am-actually-sleeping-in-a-cloud feel in your bedroom. 

Building Blocks: Colour

Your sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases are the key building blocks to a comfortable bed, so choose mellow colours that will work with additional layers. You can’t go wrong with white – it’s a classic - but we’ve designed all of our core colours to be gentle and mellow enough to work with layering. If you start with a soft colour as a base it’s easy to change the whole look and feel of your bedroom by adding and removing layers.

The Cotton Quilt in Clay
Relaxed in Ink & Snow
Layered with The Cotton Quilt in Clay

Layer One: Sheet

Choose the perfect base by starting with a 100% cotton or 100% linen sheet. By choosing natural materials, you’re setting yourself up for a comfortable night’s sleep – as the fabrics are soft and breathable.

There’s nothing worse than a sheet riding up in the night, so make sure you measure the depth of your mattress and get a deep fitted sheet if it measures more than 31cm. At Bedfolk we elasticate the top and bottom end of the sheet, as well as all 4 corners, to really help secure your sheet as you sleep.

White Linen Fitted Sheet | Bedfolk
100% Linen Fitted Sheet in Snow

Layer Two: Pillows

Go for good quality plump pillows – limp, flat pillows will never look, or feel, comfortable.

Add 2 standard (or king) size pillows, and then layer up with a pair of large squares (65 x 65cm). At Bedfolk we love square pillows, which are available in all of our colours and styles, and we’ve just introduced Quilted Squares if you really want to up the comfort factor (the layer of quilting just makes them even squishier).

Square pillows make the bed look and feel comfortable, and are practical too – perfect for reading in bed in the evening, or having that first morning cuppa in squishy comfort.

100% Linen Square Pillowcases
Square Pillowcases in 100% Linen - The Ultimate in Comfort

Layer Three: Duvet Cover (or Flat Sheet)

To make your bed look and feel like a cloud, size up your duvet (so if you’ve got a king size bed, use a super-king duvet). This is something a lot of us do at Bedfolk. It’s great if you share your bed as it means no more duvet-hogging!

In the summer months, swapping your duvet out for a flat sheet can be a great way to keep cool on particularly warm nights. Our 100% linen flat sheets are the perfect weight for this (185gsm) and are naturally breathable and moisture wicking.

Bedfolk Linen Duvet in Snow
Linen Duvet in Snow

Layer Four: Quilt or Throw 

A mid-weight quilt or blanket will provide additional warmth and an opportunity to mix up the colour palette and add some more texture to your bed.

At Bedfolk, we spent 10 months designing our Cotton Quilt, making it the perfect weight for year-round use. That means an extra-cosy layer in winter, and a lightweight duvet substitute in summer (they’re machine washable & tumble dryer friendly so you don’t need to worry about the dry cleaning bill!)

Since we take comfort (and lie-ins) seriously, our quilts are generously sized, wrapping your bed in cloud-like comfort. Drape over your whole bed for a seriously squishy vibe, fold at the end of your bed for a more hotel-esque feel, or simply hide underneath it if you fancy a nap without being bothered. Whatever your style, you’ll be sinking into a cloud of comfort in no time!

Classic Percale Cotton & Cotton Quilt in Rose
Classic Cotton Bedding in Snow & The Cotton Quilt in Rose


If you're looking for a lightweight alternative, our newly launched Linen & Cotton Throw is just the ticket. 

We love the way it looks so generous on the bed, it’s got that uber comfortable vibe that we’re all about at Bedfolk and it looks beautiful, with very minimal effort. Just throw it on the bed and you're ready to go.

Clay Linen Cotton Throw Bedfolk
Linen Bedding in Rose and The Linen & Cotton Throw in Clay

Sleep well – Jo x

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