How To Make Your Bed More Comfortable

We’ve all slept in an uncomfortable bed, with scratchy sheets and a sandbag mattress, and sworn that we’ll never do it again. But how do you turn your bed into the warm, cosy, and inviting cloud that you deserve?

Read on for our expert tips on how to make your bed more comfortable…

How to make a Bed Comfortable

The truth is, there’s no one single thing that will transform your bed into a total nest. It’s about investing in quality products that will pay for themselves in better zzz’s, and making little tweaks that will seriously up the comfort factor.

1. It All Starts with the Sheets

Ok, so we’re biased -  but the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to upgrade the comfort you’ll experience during every night’s sleep, is to invest in high quality luxury bedding. You spend a third of your life in bed, so the payback is huge.
Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks like high thread counts and Egyptian cotton. You should avoid sub-par short staple cotton and look for high quality bedding, made in the best mills, without the use of harmful chemicals. That’s the good stuff we create every day at Bedfolk.

2. Size Up Your Duvet

A simple but often overlooked way to upgrading your cloud is to upsize your duvet compared to your bed. Just because you can only squeeze a double bed into your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to opt for a double duvet. Size up to create a more inviting looking bed and extra duvet to curl up in. You’ll just need some super soft bedding to go with that.

3. Layer Up

Adding extra layers to your bed – through the use of quilts, blankets, or throws not only provides warmth, but also makes a bed look so much more enticing. Plus, it will cover up the sheets you never got around to ironing.

4. Square Pillowcases

Whether it’s watching TV, reading a book, or enjoying a cup of tea on the weekend, many of us dream of spending some of our awake time in bed. But regular pillows aren’t designed for sitting up against. Square pillows – and square pillowcases – are designed for both form and function – they look great on top of a freshly made bed, and are perfect for propping you up on a lazy Sunday.

5. Go Scandi

It’s becoming more and more common for couples to share a bed but use separate duvet covers – usually two Single covers on a Super King bed. No more wrestling for covers in the night with your partner, or waking up with your feet poking out from under the duvet…

6. Freshly Laundered Linen

There’s nothing better than slipping into a freshly made bed, with freshly made bedding. Care for your bedding, and your bedding will care for you. To recreate that ultimate boutique hotel feel, we recommend our crisp percale bedding – it’s what dreams are made of.

7. Pick The Right Duvet Insert

While at Bedfolk we’re always going to proclaim the importance of the sheets that you sleep in, given this is the material that your body is going to be in contact with throughout the night, it’s also vitally important to use a high quality duvet to get the best night’s sleep. Duck and Goose feather down have traditionally been the most commonly used fillings in premium quality duvets, but with the advance of synthetic technology and the growing appreciation of animal welfare standards, more and more down alternative options are coming on to the market where it’s difficult to tell the difference.

8. Get Your Mattress & Pillows Right

You’ve nailed the bed linen and the duvet, but why stop there? Mattresses are a significant investment but can make the difference between sleeping like a baby and… sleeping like a baby. There’s been an explosion of ‘mattress in a box’ brands and memory foam lumber support in the last few years, but for ultimate comfort we prefer straight up luxury – sprung mattress made the traditional way.


So, there you have it. Our tips for creating the ultimate comfortable bed. We apologise in advance for the snoozed alarms, the missed meetings, and the Friday night’s out that you no longer make…
Make the perfect start by investing in our premium quality, cotton bedding.