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Article: Duvet Togs Uncovered: Which Tog Duvet Is For You?

Duvet Togs Uncovered: Which Tog Duvet Is For You?

Duvet Togs Uncovered: Which Tog Duvet Is For You?

We’d all like our sleeping hours to feel as dreamy as possible and it’s the doughy duvets tucking you in at night that really help you sink into a slumber.

When shopping for duvets, you may be familiar with the term ‘tog’, but do you really know what it means?  If you’re in the market for a new duvet and you’re wondering which tog duvet to buy, we’ve got you covered (pun absolutely intended).

What is a tog rating?

A tog rating is commonly mistaken as the thickness of the duvet, however the tog is actually a scale used to measure how good a duvet is at retaining heat. The higher the tog rating, the better the duvet is at keeping you warm throughout the night.

Don’t assume that the thickest duvet on offer is going to be the best for snuggling up with in the middle of winter - it’s the tog rating the really hits different.

100% down duvet

What is the highest tog duvet?

Typically, the highest tog of duvet you’ll find is 15.0.

Higher tog duvets are best in the winter when you need that extra bit of cosiness to doze off at night. However, they can be used all year round if you’re a cold sleeper that likes to wrap up burrito style.

At Bedfolk, our highest tog duvet is a 13.5 tog. It’s a super cosy bed partner for the never-getting-out-of-bed types. 

What is the lowest tog duvet?

The lowest tog rating for a duvet is 1.0 and provides little to no heat retention. 

Lower tog duvets are ideal for use in the summer and for hot sleepers that prefer one leg out of the covers at night. A lower tog duvet is more breathable and lightweight than higher tog duvets.

At Bedfolk, our lowest tog duvet is a 4.5 tog. It’s still got all of the warm and cosy feels whilst being unbelievably lightweight and soft. Dreamy…

Super Soft Duvet

How many togs for a summer duvet?

A summer duvet can range anywhere from a 1.0 tog to a 10.5 tog. It all depends on how warm you like to be at night.

As we all know, the British summer is pretty unpredictable to say the least. If you like to keep super cool at night, look for a lower tog – around the 4.5 mark will work perfectly. If you get a bit chilly at night, go for anything up to a 10.5 tog.  

A great all-year-rounder would be the 10.5 tog as it’s light as a cloud yet cosy as a cuddle. All of our duvets have a middleweight 10.5 tog option that you can snuggle under from summer right through to spring.

Top tip: For summer, it’s a good idea to have a few duvets to swap around depending on the weather. During heatwaves, you’ll probably want a lower 4.5 tog but seeing as those are few and far between, a middle-ground 10.5 tog is your best bet.

How many togs for a winter duvet?

In terms of tog ratings, the cosiest winter duvets range between 10.5 and 15.

The 15-tog is fairly heavy-duty in terms of duvets. We’d recommend a 13.5 tog as this should be more than enough to keep you cosy all night long without weighing you down. 

Top tip: If you don’t want to invest in a higher tog duvet to use for just a few months of the year, you can always invest in an additional layer. 

Layer up here 

How to choose a tog duvet

Now we’ve covered the basics, how do you know which tog duvet to buy? Whether you’re just winding down or looking to fall deep into a do-not-disturb snooze, there are a few things to consider before buying your next duvet.

Buying duvets for children

It’s safe to say, that if you’re a parent you’ll know that littles one need the best night’s sleep too and buying duvets for children is slightly different to buying duvets for adults.

Small children up to six years old will usually be best off with a 4.5 tog. Anything higher tends to be a bit too heavy. When it comes to slightly older children and teenagers, a midweight 10.5 tog will make for the perfect year-round duvet.

Which duvet should I buy for my mattress?

Did you know the type of mattress you have can impact the warmth of your bed?

People often find that memory foam mattresses keep them warmer at night and so a higher tog duvet is not usually needed.

Whereas, if you have a regular pocket sprung mattress, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for higher and lower tog duvets to snuggle under throughout the year.

Which duvet filling is best?

The fill you choose is entirely down to personal preference. Natural fills such as 100% down are popular as they’re breathable, have the cloud-like factor and they’re longer lasting too.

Whilst a down alternative fill such as eco-fill made from recycled plastic bottles is a sustainable and animal-free substitute to down products.

100% Down and Down Alternative

Read our ultimate guide to duvet fill here and you’ll be sleeping in a cloud in no time. 

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